Introduction: Raspberry Pi Case

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I made this case before my school offered 3d printing but i still decided to post it anyway.

Step 1: Materials

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These are the materials youll need
.• A block of wood
• Acrylic
• Raspberry pi
• Screws
• Nuts
• Spacers

• Caliper
• Screwdriver

Not shown
• Drill
• Router
• Knife

Step 2: Drilling

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Drill 4 holes in the block try to be a straight as possible as shown above is the hole size

Step 3: Making the Hole

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use you router and cut a space for the RPI to fit then try it out

Step 4: Cut the Acrylic

Sorry for no picture but i cut the acrylic to to the bottom for the same size

Step 5: Put It Together

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Just put the crew in the holes put the raspberry pi add the space put on the acrylic and use the nuts to tighten it


alexandre_willame (author)2016-11-18

This Instructable is really inspiring. We have made in the same way
an aluminum CNC-machined case that act as a heatsink for the Pi:

Victor805 (author)2014-02-22

Your instructable inspired me to build my arduino case, since arduinos are less whiners with the power supply I made a hollow cavity on the wood to store the 9 V battery and some utilities, I keep it closed with an aluminum plate and some screws.

It also has a switch for convenience

I recommend you to paint it black with a very thin layer of paint to highlight the wood grain, that way imperfections are more subtle.

Also I would try to use a different kind of wood, my trick is, if you have a very sharp knife and while you carve the edge following the grain it breaks in fibers it isn't a good wood, the good ones leaves a clean cut with a complete shaving.

Adambowker98 (author)2012-10-22

Dang, I wish my school had a 3d-printer!

aeszok (author)2012-09-20

I was going to make one just like this, but two bolts on each corner to hold the pi in place better.

elcaset (author)aeszok2012-10-12

aeszok: I'm going to use your two screw suggestion for each corner.

willq44 (author)elcaset2012-10-18

i have made two because i had two and i just got a new case that was 3d printed so i tried his comment with the two screws and it work just fine

elcaset (author)willq442012-10-18

very kuhl. could you post some photos of the new version with 2 screws in each corner? Thanks very much.

mrmath (author)2012-09-08

What holds the Pi in place? It seems like just pressure between the USB ports and the acrylic.

willq44 (author)mrmath2012-10-06

yeah the pressure hold it down nice and i doesn't slip at all and i have two pies so ones in this case and ones in a 3d printed case

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