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I live in Buenos Aires and here doves are a Biblical plague. I once purchased an owl decoy but doves just ignored it - and maybe even laugh at it - . In fact the only one scared with the owl decoy was me a drunk night in the backyard.

Anyway, now I made this Doves Repellent using that old owl decoy, a Raspberry Pi2 and some other things. The device will detect doves’ movement and it will trigger scary owl and hawk predator sounds. Owl decoy eyes will also turn red. Not sure if red eyes scares doves but the zombie effect is pretty cool.

Step 1: Requirements

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  1. Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS
  2. Owl Decoy – you can also use any bird toy or box
  3. A small breadboard
  4. A PIR movement detector
  5. Two red Leds
  6. A 560 ohm resistor
  7. Some wires
  8. A small active speaker like this one a micro guitar amp like mine will work as well

Step 2: Circuit and Assembly

Picture of Circuit and Assembly

According to the attached circuit image, connect the Leds, resistor and PIR to the breadboard. Connect to voltage, ground and GPIO 7/8. Connect Raspberry Pi 2 audio output to active speaker.

Mount everything inside the owl decoy or box, insert the red leds into the owl eyes and cut a square for the PIR motion sensor.

Step 3: Software

Copy the attached code and the 2 mp3 files into the Raspberry Pi

Then make this simple step for autoexecution on start

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Then add this line

(sleep 10;

Now save with Ctrl X and exit with Y.

If you want to execute by hand just open terminal and type:

sudo python



Lykke_dk (author)2016-11-20

Very cool project :-) Looking to make something similar to scare the Doves away from my solar panels.

How is the scary owl doing in real life? Doves still scared, or should I look for other ideas? Thanks

RoniBandini (author)Lykke_dk2016-11-21

Thanks! doves are scared but you need a good sound amp: 25 watts or more.

esturniolo (author)2015-10-21

Hola Roni.

Gran idea.
Voy a intentar modificarla para usarlo con palomas. El problema es que tiene que ser a distancia, ya que el problema está enfrente de mi casa.

Les dan de comer todos los días y es un asco.

Alguna sugerencia?


RoniBandini (author)esturniolo2015-10-21

En ese caso podés probar con el "método Hemingway" Un Crossman y una lata de balines.

dave614 (author)2015-10-21

Here, doves are not such a plague. However, this could be fun for Halloween ... if I only had the time :-(

RoniBandini (author)dave6142015-10-21

Time is on your side (Rolling Stones) ;)

Jobar007 (author)2015-10-21

You should add movement (like the owl swiveling) as well as sound. Just moving the head would be more convincing than the body.

RoniBandini (author)Jobar0072015-10-21

Thanks for the suggestion, Jobar007. Maybe for the next version.

BoKKeR (author)2015-10-21

nice idea but it would be better with a arduino and you could send it to sleep and on battery it could last months.

RoniBandini (author)BoKKeR2015-10-21

Thanks BoKKer!

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