Raspberry Pi Emulator Console for the Backseat





Introduction: Raspberry Pi Emulator Console for the Backseat

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Howdy Instructable readers.

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    I'm new to the app/website, how does one build it? And what level. How expensive?


    I will also add that in hind sight I should have used some cardboard to mock up the display and give myself a template to cut. Cutting the display and then trial and error sanding was tedious and invited errors like the one corner that got turned into a cord passthrough. I could have really screwed it up there.

    How do you make this? I am pretty new on this website.

    Hi, With the total cost as much as $200, why not just use a tablet , having android as the OS it will give a wide variety of games and along with bing cheaper it will let you run many other apps for elders as well?

    hey, two questions:

    1.Where does your audio come from/goto?

    2.Why not use a ps3 controller instead for wireless/wireless controller in general?

    Good questions, The audio is a little 3W stereo amplifier. Running to two little speakers I salvaged from a laptop. And this leads to the second question.

    My son is 5, I wanted to make it as simple as possible for him while still fitting into a single pelican box. The SNES controller meets two needs. 1 It has to be simple for a 5 yr old to operate with small hands and none of the games on the PI B+ Ver1 require any analog input. 2 the SNES controller is just the right size to fit between the monitor and the lid with the cable bundled next to the controller.

    Now on the Pi 2 that I use I use for the Living room emulator console has xbox 360 controllers. But that one will run N64 and PS1 games too.

    Very interesant!!

    Yes raspberry Pi b+

    Unfortunately the Raspberry Pi does not have the OOOMPH to emulate the 360 however The display does have an HDMI input so in theory you could embed it into a 360 case or Embed the display into a pelican case or the headrest to play the 360 whilst riding in the back seat.

    as far as the Pi think 16 bit and some 32 bit gaming N64 is right out.