This is an addition to  Piney's awesome directions. I wanted a Google calendar display with a webcam as a motion sensor so that the monitor will only turn on when someone is near it and turns off when nobody is around.  I also added a weather panel to display weather with the calendar. 

Materials needed:
-Raspberry Pi
-Compatible Webcam (list of compatible ones here) I'm using a Logitech C270.
-Powered USB Hub for Webcam (some of them can also be used to power the Raspberry pi as well!) List of compatible powered USB hub.  I'm using a Plugable 7 Port USB from Amazon which I'm using to power the Raspberry pi itself. 

Step 1: Setup Raspberry Pi Google Calendar

Follow Piney's direction's here.

NOTE: Skip the part about powersave/sleep since we are using webcam to control when monitor turns on and off.

Has anyone completed this recently (using a Logitech webcam, Raspberry Pi 2, and Jessee OS)? I keep on getting hung up with the motion file update.
I guess I should also say that the webcam and motion seem to be working. It is capturing images when I adjust the settings to allow it, but it is not following the commands for the beginning and end of events.
<p>have you consider addig this to a securirty system also?</p>
<p>This is awesome. This is exactly what I was looking for. The ability to see an auto updated calendar with weather that's only powered up (from a sleep mode) when necessary. Thought about using a touch screen so we can open calendar events.</p><p>Thank you!!</p>

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