Introduction: Raspberry Pi Gps Tracker

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hi friends

always smile and be happy because it's the best thing that we have .

this time i have made a raspberry pi GPS tracker and a real time web interface.

to make it brief, we have a GPS module with a serial communication that we read on raspberry

and show it on a HTML web page. easy!

for reading from module, we i have this beautiful simple python code to get the latitude & longitude as you see in images(it's )

that way you print the lat & lon when you execute like:

sudo python

Step 1: Building the Web Interface

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we're gonna use JAVASCRIPT and AJAX and PHP for showing map on HTML

it's like this:

1- execute in php

2-echo output in php

3-in js put a google map object

4-send a ajax request to .php and get response text

5-make text numbers sliced and appropriate

6-again & again send ajax requests to refresh the lat & long and marker on map


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