Raspberry Pi is a sort of jack of all trades when it comes to being a single board computer based on the Arm processor. It can be a desktop, media player/streamer, web server, forensics machine, and do most of what all linux based machines can do. Pictured is the Raspberry Pi with some of it's arm based cousins.

it is not a good idea to run the raspberry pi off another computers usb port.
If you need a power adapter, consider: https://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-power-cable-adapter/

Another Arm based install: https://www.instructables.com/id/Give-your-Cisco-Linksys-NSLU2-some-muscle-part-1/ Yet another arm install is in the linux hints instructable.

Quickie monitor: https://www.instructables.com/id/McGuyver-monitor/

Note: if you ever want to get back to the first boot menu

$ sudo raspi-config

Step 1: Network Setup.

You will want to go to the services tab on your router to make the IPaddress of the Raspberry Pi semi-permanent. Get the mac address of your Raspberry Pi and then decide what address you want to use. We used for whatever reason.

Llater when you want to SSH into the unit it will make it easier. One thing to note is that you must use a username on the Raspberry Pi to log into it.

$ ssh pi@

better (use whatever name you set up for the raspberry pi in the router):

$ ssh pi@raspberrypi

Also see: https://www.instructables.com/id/Red-October-network-discovery/

Note: By using ssh means you do not have to leave a keyboard attached to the Raspberry Pi. Saves energy and less cables to deal with.
<p>Hello!</p><p>I tried to use it with my IPcam but I'm not getting any picture at all, just grey image.</p><p>It works great with my USB cam but I want to run it with my IPcam instead.</p><p>Am I missing something? I'm filling the netcam_url and netcam_userpass as you advise with my details (http://camera's IP and my username:password) but no response. Do I have to add the port that my Ipcam corresponds?</p>
<p>Like I said you have to get correct command. (that is video.cgi) will probably be different It will not be the same for <br> all Ip cameras. The link I posted had a lot of details for most of the <br>cameras on the market. Last resort is to do a web search on the name of <br>your camera and zoneminder and or motion. Someone probably has done it.</p>
<p>Cool but I suggest making the pictures have a better quality that way it might get featured</p>
<p>Not hear to won a popularity contest. Did the best with what I had at the time. </p>
<p>Great attitude. Almost as good as the spelling and grammar.</p>
Nexus 7?
Sjhould be fixed by now.
nice intro tutorial, what's your next raspberry pi project?
Thanx for the kind words. Some of the things I wanted to do have already been done. If it had not been so long in getting the unit I would have done more already. Since it is linux based, a lot of the linux instructables I have already done apply. Thought about making some kind of Halloween talking face. Have to see what voice software is supported. There there is always making a RPi computer cluster.
did you end up making the halloween project?
No, not enough time...
You do miss out on pin 26 with this method, and pin 26 can be used as a GPIO pin.. If you've got a vice, and an old IDE cable, you can open up the connector, which will have all 26 pins in it, strip out an ide calbe to 26 wires, then use the clamp to close up the connector over the &quot;thinned out&quot; cable. That will give you all 26 wires.
Your right. I am just going to strip one wire from another cable and just add it to it and then put the connector back together.

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