Raspberry Pi LED Project


Introduction: Raspberry Pi LED Project

This project will create a LED matrix with nine LEDs will be switched on and off one after another column-wise. See the video and blog for better understanding.

Step 1: Do the Following

  1. Write down the code described in - http://cseatglance.blogspot.in/2016/02/led-matrix-project.html. The code is written in simple python programming language.
  2. Design the Matrix as shown in the video. Generally by binding anodes and cathodes together. You can see this in the video.
  3. Take 3 resistors and 7 wires.
  4. Connect the pin 7 , 11 and 13 to the bread board.
  5. from these connections of bread board connect the 3 big legs integration in the matrix.
  6. Other three leg will go to the ground.
  7. Then run the code with sudo and see the result.



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