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Introduction: Raspberry Pi - Motion Sensing Camera

In this video we will be looking at how to create a motion activated camera using the raspberry pi and camera module.

I will be using the latest raspbian image. I will also be using C code to program and you can watch my video listed below on how to install the packages for control of the GPIO for C.

Also here is the link to the parallax sensor http://parallax.com/product/555-28027

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    you said in your video that you will post all the header files and the code itself. i cant find it anywhere. if you haven't posted it, can you post it please? thanks!

    Thanks for this.

    i set up motionpie without a hitch.
    but then I allowed port 8081 open on the firewall
    now if i leave the stream open on my android browser an executable is downloaded without interaction from me and with a seemly random name, such as:

    Any Ideas? ,hints on how i should set up the pi or the firewall?


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    Is there any response to this comment? I have seen it as well.

    Hi everyone,

    One could also use https://kerberos.io/, it runs on the Raspberry Pi and it's also open source.

    Cool stuff :) I have to try it. Quick question : what is your wifi dongle ? How to configure wifi on first start ? (do you have to connect Ethernet cable on first time ?)

    Thanks !

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    Hey there thanks for the comment. I apologize for the delay but I don't get emails when people comment here for some reason. To answer your question I just got a cheap dongle from amazon. I have videos on how to setup wifi on the PI at my youtube channel if you would like to check out the videos. I should have a playlist dedicated to the raspberry pi so you can see all the vids I have for it. To answer your last question, all you have to do is boot the pi up with a monitor and keyboard and enter the configuration. You don't have to have a wired connection if you don't want to. you just need a monitor/tv and a keyboard to configure it.

    Link to raspi play list

    Link to home made security for configuring the wifi