Having your Raspberry Pi laying around catching dust?

Are you a fan of the classic games like Mario, Zelda, Sierra adventure games or even Pac Man?

Then the Nin10do console is the project for you!

The Nin10do console is a 3d printed case with a Raspberry Pi, ATX-Raspi, USB HUB and some other cool accessories on which you can connect a USB controller and play ALL of your favorite games again. On your HD television!

The project is not very easy to make but together with the instructional video's you will be able to build one yourself!

Why only One Step???
First of all because you only need one. Watch the video's and start building. Second because this is my first instruct-able and I didn't knew the proper way ;-) The next one will be more professional promise! :-D

Let's get started!!!

First you need the following parts: (GitHub Link)

You can print the case with a 3d printer in ABS or PLA. I uses XT-CO Polyester which is a little more expensive but looks and feels just great!

Find the STL files HERE


The first step is to make all the custom connectors and wires:

  • Solder connections to the DC Barrel Adapter
  • Open the Logilink USB HUB and solder wires on it
  • Prepare the ATX-Raspi board by soldering headers on it
  • Create the 4 indicator LED's and solder them together
  • Solder the wires to the momentary push buttons
  • Solder wires to the Power indicator LED (don't forget a resistor)
  • Solder a connector to your 5v 2A power adapter (watch the polarity)
  • Assemble the parts together and test the workings!



  • Hot glue the HDMI extender in place
  • Hot glue the DC Barrel Adapter in place
  • Screw the ATX Raspi board with M2,2 Philips screws in place
  • Screw the Raspberry PI 2 in place
  • Mount the two momentary push butons
  • Glue the white side-strips on the case with hard plastic glue
  • screw the stepper motor driver board in place
  • Hot glue the stepper motor in place.
  • Hot glue the Ethernet adapter in place.
  • Connect the HDMI and Ethernet Cables
  • Connect the stepper motor, led's etc.
  • Glue the USB front plate in place.
  • Glue the LED's in place


Part 3:

  • Attach the timing belt and pulleys
  • Screw the cover closed
  • Paint the logo
  • Glue the logo in place
  • Glue the 4 top clips in place
  • Install the Software, Python Code and Splash Screen



I hope this project will inspire you to create something new and original!

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Don't like soldering, or lack of time? Buy a hand-build Nin10do on Nin10doshop.com

See the newest Nin10do designs? Go check out the Nin10do Hackaday Page

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions -

Which USB HUB do I need? I am afraid that my own HUB does't fit...

The design is made for the Logilink USB 2.0 HUB. It is really good for Pi projects for many reasons!

Why do I need the capacitor on the white momentary switch?

Sometimes the lid would open twice with just one button press. To solve these voltage spikes we need the small capacitor

What is the ATX Raspi and why do I need it?

The Pi doesn't have a on/off switch. To safely shut down, reset and power on the Pi the ATX Raspi board is the most elegant solution.

I broke one of the 5 screw terminals and the case will not close properly :-(

Don't worry, just use a longer screw and use WD-40 when tapping the holes

The cover is opening too slow or too fast...

You can edit the Nin10do Python script to speed things up (or slow things down). Just lower/raise the time.sleep function in between each stepper motor step.

The cover is not opening all the way...

You can edit the amount of steps in the Nin10do Python script. Just increase or decrease the amount of steps

When playing with more players the games sometimes freeze :-(

Make sure you have a proper power adapter. It must be 2A or more!

Can I get help? Can I contact you?

It is impossible to answer all the emails as I am just alone but I will try my very best!
email to info(at)nin10doshop.com


Happy gaming!

Daniel Spies

Step 1:

<p>This looks great! I've always love the retro games that I grew up playing! </p>
<p>This looks great! I've always love the retro games that I grew up playing! </p>

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