Step 5: Setup own cloud

Picture of setup own cloud
Screen Shot 2012-10-27 at 18.25.06.png
Screen Shot 2012-10-27 at 18.25.25.png
The easy way to setup the external drive is to use gparted on the Pi

$ startx

and the from inside the  GUI open a ternmail and type

$ sudo gprarted

from here you can partion and format the drive

Once done give the web-server permission 

$ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /media/owncloud

All that needs to be done now is to setup owncloud

in a web browser type in https://IPADDRESS/owncloud

Choose a user name and password by typing then in to the user name and password box

click advanced and changed the data location to the place of your external drive in my case it's /media/owncloud

The click finish and you are done.

You should now be able to upload files. To play video files you'll need to enable the video player app.

To setup external access to your device I would suggest using DyDns or Noip.

ypelster1 year ago
Hi. I've downloaded the image and used win32diskimager to write it to SD card.
Now I've inserted the card into PI, and plugged on (in that order) Ethernet and power.
As I'm running headless and used to work with remote desktop connection up to now, I cannot see why, but I do not seem to have an Ethernet Connection. The controlling LEDs are off and I cannot see PI in my router as I used to. Any hints or ideas ?
TXTCLA552 years ago
Hi, I used your image file to set mine up. However I dont have my external drive just yet, is there a way I can test this part out without the drive?
RJones062 years ago
Great guide very helpful!

My isp blocks port 80 so i can't access owncloud through my DyDNS url.
I currently have a DyDns account setup and working for monitoring my torrent client when outside the network. (i access through http://mydyndnsurl.dyndns-free:port)

Would it be possible to access Owncloud through the same DyDns url on an alternate port? If so could you provide some instructions, i'm still learning the basics of debian and server administration.

Thanks again for the guide.
DXM RJones062 years ago
You should be able to set up port forwarding in your router to pass port 5000 for instance to Port 80 on the raspberrypi... that would allow access from port 5000 outside of your network and it will lead to port 80 on the Pi... hope that helps