Today I,m gonna tell you how to program the Raspberry Pi or i should say how to program using Raspberry pi.

Note: I,m not gonna teach Python Language here.

Many people find it difficult to do programming using Raspberry pi. So i decided to create a Step by Step guide to create python scripts and running them using different techniques.

Step 1: Requirements:

We gonna need following items:

1. Raspberry pi x1

2. A HDMI display or VGA monitor with hdmi to vga converter x1

3. 5v-2A power supply for Raspberry pi(Cell phone charger is good) x1

4. Optical mouse x1

5. Keyboard x1

6. Micro SD card (4 GB- 4 class minimum, higher is better) x1

7. A Computer

<p>For newbies, the aricla would best define IDE before using the acronym alone (integrated development environment - acts as text editor, debugger and compiler all in one).</p>
Good rewrite on the title...and to fair, you do have links to python programming tutorials. Now to dive into that; New Year resolution maybe :)
Exactly; the title and the content don't match....
<p>Title modified. thanks</p>
<p>Note: I,m not gonna teach here Python language.</p><p>Should've been the first line of this instructable.</p>
I can't teach anyone python in few lines. This Instructables is here because some of users were not able to program the Rpi even with the python script available. So just to help them out i have written this. And for sure I'm gonna update that line in top

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