Raspberry Pi Wifi Walkthrough - 3DPrinterOS





Introduction: Raspberry Pi Wifi Walkthrough - 3DPrinterOS

These instructions are for setting up your Raspberry Pi and Wifi to work with your 3D printer in 3DPrinterOS. Prior to following these steps, you should have already requested a Pi image, downloaded and flashed the Pi image to Pi and have everything plugged in and turned on.

Step 1: Connect to the 3DPrinterOS Hotspot

Step 2: Open a Browser Window and Navigate To: Http://

Step 3: Enter Your Credentials That Came With Your Pi Image

A dialog box will pop up saying “Authentication Required”

Here you will enter:

User Name: pi
Password: *Password from received email*

Step 4: Select the Network You Want to Connect to and Click Connect

Step 5: Enter the Selected Networks Wireless Password

Step 6: Give It a Moment to Connect and Now Your Raspberry Pi Is Set Up Via Wifi to Your Network!

Step 7: Disconnect From 3DPrinterOS Hotspot, Connect Back to Your Home Network

Step 8: Go to the Printers Tab in Your 3DPrinterOS Account

Step 9: Click the Settings Button and Choose Your Printer Type

Step 10: Your Printer and Raspberry Pi With Wifi Are Now Ready to Go!



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    Seems to be awsome, I hope i it support cheap printers too like mine and I'll have time to give it a try


    What kind of 3D printer do you have in mind?

    I have a prusa i3, which I bought from China... do you think your os would support that too?

    Thanks mate! I'll give it a try as soon as I'll have some time, I'll ask if I would get stucked at some point :-)

    Our pleasure! Add me on Skype as rene.oscar.ariko, if you need any assistance.