I made a wooden case for my Raspberry Pi at TechShop Pittsburgh (techshop.ws). Having wooden case is great, because it looks great, smells good and pleasant to the touch =)

Step 1: Find Materials

Materials needed:
-Birch or Oak Plywood 1/8'' - Local art supplier
-Acrylic plastic 1/8'' - HOME DEPO
-Nylon 6/6 Machine Screws - www.amazonsupply.com
-Metric Nylon 6/6 Hex Nuts - www.mcmaster.com

I also did a delivery box for it from thin cardboard I found in local art store.

You can also order this case from my shop on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyPiCase?ref=search_shop_redirect
<p>Isn't that the Pimoroni Timber Pibow?</p>
<p>Hey, I'm trying to build it, but I'm pretty sure there are some of the wooden layers missing on your file... (The layers in which the HDMI plug comes in, etc)...</p>
Would you please post the case layout as a PDF file or some other printable format? I don't have access to a laser cutter, so I'd like to print the layout and use a jeweler's saw or scroll saw to cut it out. <br>I love the design, It looks like an improved version of the Pibow
I saw similar design on Maker Fair in NY.
That's the question! where is the instructable&iquest;?
Love the design! How did you come up with it?

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