Raspberry Pi Zero High-Tech Bookmark


Introduction: Raspberry Pi Zero High-Tech Bookmark

I picked up one of the adorable Raspberry Pi Zeros at a local store that had them on sale for $0.99! So, I decided to create an instructable of my first project to share with the world. A bookmark that remembers which exact page you stopped on!

You are going to need:

1x Book of your choosing. Paperbacks work better than hard covers.

1x Raspberry Pi Zero

1x microSD card with your chosen OS on it. I went with 8GB, but a smaller card will work as long as your OS fits.

Step 1: Set Up Your Pi Zero

First, remove the Zero from its mini, anti-static zipbag.

Insert the microSD card containing your OS of choice into your Pi Zero. Personally, I used Raspbian Jessie Lite, but the great thing about this instructable is that it is cross compatible with all operating systems and versions.

Step 2: Insert Your Pi Zero Into the Book

Open your book to the chapter or page you are currently wasting memory remembering the number of. Insert the Zero into the book with USB and miniHDMI ports facing outward and the microSD facing downward. Make sure it is snug, but not shoved too deep or you could damage the book. Close your book to ensure that your new high-tech bookmark is secure. If it is, you're done! Feel free to place your book on an end table and go about your business without having to remember your chapter or page.



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    Microcenter in VA. I'm afraid the deal on Pi Zeros has most likely ended quite a while ago though.

    A truly inspired build. Do you think it could work without the sd card? ;)
    I like it. Well done

    2 replies

    Thank you! I'm not very experienced with it, but according to some tutorials what you asked might be possible if you use a serial connection.

    haha, we truely are a daft lot on here arnt we?

    I think I could successfully duplicate this project. Nice and easy! ;)

    1 reply

    Be sure to share pics if you make your own!