After waiting several months, my Raspberry Pi finally arrived. As it comes quite naked, you need some accessories to use it.
First you need a SDCard to store your operating system, then you need some connection to a display, if you use it for penetration testing like I do, you may want a WiFi and a Bluetooth dongle and finally you have to connect a keyboard and a mouse. So as there are only two USB ports you'll need an USB hub too. I don't want to carry all those parts flying around in my messenger bag, so I thought it'd be nice if I had a little box for all that parts. What's better than a classic ALTOIDS tin?

Step 1: Parts

First I grabbed all the stuff I wanted to have in the tin:

- HDMI to DVI adapter
- SDCard(s), maybe you want different images
- WiFi dongle
- Bluetooth dongle
- USB hub and cable
do you have links for this rubber material?
Sorry, no. I grabbed it from my junk pile. I think I ripped it from an old and broken tool box. You can use any foam or rubber that's sturdy enough to cut.
<p>I made something similar using the foam from an old yoga mat.</p>
Nice job! I'll make one too. Since you're using the Altoids tin for accessories, why not use another one for the Pi itself -- please see my instructable for that. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Raspberry-Pi-Case-From-an-Altoids-Ti/

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