I received a robot arm as a birthday present, but after about the first day the controller that came with it became a bit dull to use. Later I bought the usb controller that was made for the robot, but once again the canned software was limited and dull after a while. I was planning to hack the arm anyway, so I started the solution to end my boredom.

Step 1: Components

Some programming experience would be nice, but it isn't required. I'll try to keep everything simple. (Knowing me things might not go according to plan)

Computer (I used a raspberry pi) with a python compiler, along with libusb, python-pip, pyusb, and cwiid installed
Bluetooth Connection/Dongle (for Wiimote)
OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge with USB extension kit
Spare time to have fun with it or show off to your coworkers and friends!
<p>Fantastic post!</p><p>Last week my son and I put this together with: </p><p>Raspberry PI 3 / OWI 535 / USB Intf / WiiMote + Nun. We are total newbies to Python scripting.</p><p>The<br> RaspPi 3 has IDLE 2 and IDLE 3. Script only works with IDLE 2. Also <br>we had to change the Print statements from ' ' to (&quot; &quot;).</p><p>We also had to change our accelerometer values ().<br></p><p>We<br> are running into a bit of a challenge, the Wiimote works WITHOUT <br>Nunchuck. However, when it is plugged in, only the Nunchuck works. The<br> Wiimote no longer works; buttons, accelerometer, etc.<br></p><p>Not sure if it is the function of the script or the Wiimote/Nunchuck. I don't understand how the 'While True:' and the 'while(1)' statements work.</p>
<p>the second step in installing pyusb is sudo apt install pyusb</p>
<p>Thank you for excellent instructable! It works. It's alive :)))</p>
<p>I have put everything together and the arm and wiimote connect. I cannot get the code to run. Many syntax errors. Is it possible to have you e-mail the code to me as a &quot;.py&quot;</p>
<p>could this be replicated with another Bluetooth controller such as the ps3 controller?</p>
<p>i want to make this using the same arm but im going to put it on a rc car frame you think i can use the other nunchuk to control the car </p>

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