Picture of Raspberry Pi and Wiimote controlled Robot Arm
I received a robot arm as a birthday present, but after about the first day the controller that came with it became a bit dull to use. Later I bought the usb controller that was made for the robot, but once again the canned software was limited and dull after a while. I was planning to hack the arm anyway, so I started the solution to end my boredom.

Step 1: Components

Picture of Components
Some programming experience would be nice, but it isn't required. I'll try to keep everything simple. (Knowing me things might not go according to plan)

Computer (I used a raspberry pi) with a python compiler, along with libusb, python-pip, pyusb, and cwiid installed
Bluetooth Connection/Dongle (for Wiimote)
OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge with USB extension kit
Spare time to have fun with it or show off to your coworkers and friends!
mreimers5 months ago

I have put everything together and the arm and wiimote connect. I cannot get the code to run. Many syntax errors. Is it possible to have you e-mail the code to me as a ".py"

5t0rm1 year ago

could this be replicated with another Bluetooth controller such as the ps3 controller?

i want to make this using the same arm but im going to put it on a rc car frame you think i can use the other nunchuk to control the car