Raspberry Pi As Webserver.





Introduction: Raspberry Pi As Webserver.

This instructable will only briefly show a way to enable webtraffic to your Raspberry Pi.
In the last step you'll find a guide to add the content.

You'll need:
1 Raspberry Pi
1 Router
1 Micro USB cable
1 Ethernet cable
(and of course an Internet connection)

Step 1: Raspberry Pi As Webserver - Connect to Router.

First you need to connect your Raspberry to your router.

Connect ethernet cable to a free Lan-port. (See picture above).

Connect Micro USB to router or if you have different cable, to your power net.

I'm also using a USB-hub and discstorage...

Step 2: Raspberry Pi As Webserver - Configure Router.

To enable access to your Raspberry Pi you need to enable traffic to it.

1. Log in to your router.

2. Check current ip.
Under Attached devices check your current ipaddress for your Pi.

3.Lock current ip to your Raspberry Pi.
Under LAN-setup Add an address reservation for your Pi.

4. Configure asDMZ-machine.
Under WAN-setup Enter current ip and enable as Default DMZ Server.

Step 3: Raspberry Pi As Webserver - Setup Webserver.

Now you'll need to add content to your webserver.

Here you can find a guide to setup and add content to your Raspberry Pi webserver:

If you are looking for a guide to use ssh to talk to your Pi, look here:

My Raspberry Webserver can found here: - a QR Business Card generator. - all you want to know about what google knows about you.

Here you can find a guide on how you can use your QR business card:

Good luck, and may the Pi be with you!



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    Wow, thanks for the help!

    This is to allow a setup with pi and a standard router and be able to create a standalone webserver?

    Yes Port5, your pi should be accessible from the internet if you follow the instruction. Did you succeed?

    Första svensken jag sett på Instructables! :D

    First sweed I've seen on Instructables! :D

    Medlem sedan Feb 27, 2009!

    Gott Nytt År!


    Veteran alltså! ;)

    Gott nytt år på dig med!

    Yay! it works and stuff,

    Can I use this to upload and download files?

    Sure, it is small, but it is a server. If you only need to upload and dowload files, perhaps you are looking for a NAS ? But a Raspberry Pi is much more fun! ;)

    I like the simplicity of this instructable compared to others about setting up a server on the raspberry pi. It does not involve Mysql or other stuff i have no idea how to do yet. I am still waiting for my raspberry pi, probably getting one for christmas. Also ablut a raspberry pi laptop, check out this ible' https://www.instructables.com/id/LapPi-A-Raspberry-Pi-Netbook/ 

    Don't really need MySql for a webserver, but if you want to present anything more than just stationary html pages, MySQL comes in handy.
    Should really give it a try :-) It is really not that bad.