Raspberry Pi Camera Sugru Lens Mount





Introduction: Raspberry Pi Camera Sugru Lens Mount

The Pi camera is a must have but being a wannabe DSLR user, I was curious about the field of view and focal length of the camera.
The camera had a very narrow FOV making it bad for closeup pictures.

A box of sugru and my curiosity led to this :D

Step 1: Components Needed

The components are easily available for this build from online merchants.

1. Sugru one box
2. Universal magnetic lens kit (3 lenses for 9$ not bad eh?)

Step 2: The Build

The build is rather simple but requires some care.

Take the sugru and form a thin ring like structure around the plastic near the lens, Flatten it gently with your nails around the plastic casing.

Now gently place the metal ring on the sugru,take care not to block the camera lens.

Allow it set for half an hour,Now gently place the add on lens and align it with the ring.

The magnet will hold it in place from now :)

Step 3: Sample Images and Conclusion

As the lens comes with a macro add on, It is perfect for macro photography.

Also helps people using PiCam in UAV's and Quads to get more wide angle shots and videos.
Here are some sample images.

As always, Happy Hacking :D



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This image is taken using the macro lens and ir LEDs on the picamera to get skeleton image of leaves.


macro shot using pi camera