Raspberry Pi in a Game Boy Pocket!


Introduction: Raspberry Pi in a Game Boy Pocket!

Couple videos on how I fit a Raspberry Pi inside a Game Boy Pocket to make an awesome little emulation machine. I'll add more about how it was done, if you have questions....ASK!




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    Hello, I read your guide and made a PC Engine PI myself. Here’s the link:


    Really appreciating your sharing! Thank you!


    Which raspberry pi model did you use? Do you have any instruction that I can use? If so that would be great.

    Forgot to add I hacked in the original power switch and power light now and also fixed up the headphone port so it switches from mono single speaker to stereo headphones automatically. I'll post a final vid of everything finished.

    The screen is a 2.5" from Adafruit, works OK but it's composite, as I don't believe there is a hdmi that small. I just changed the image ratio in retroarch from 4:3 to something a tad bit thinner, I can't tell any change when playing but it was enough not to crop any image off and still get the full vertical image. I do know if you use an original game by you can fit in a 3.5" screen if you remove the bezel and all the plastic behind it.

    I actually just picked up a broken Atari lynx and will be doing the same treatment but they are so large that I can fit a Raspberry pi 2 B+ to have more power, a larger screen, enough buttons for SNES games and tons of battery room.

    Very Cool! Great work on making it look original! If you wanted to go even further, you could still use the original data port instead of the USB and then hack yourself an adapter, just a thought.

    I am currently working on a similar project, although I have changed my mind on what to build it into several times. I am currently planning on building it into either a game-boy advance or color. (I will be posting Instructable when I finish.)

    I would like to know what screen size are you using and are you using any under-scaling for the image to fit within the original windows?

    P.S. Embedded videos won't play on the mobile app so including some YouTube links would be great, I had to switch to my PC to watch the videos.