In this Instructable I would like to share my personal work-flow for working with headless Raspberry Pi.

If you are interested in automating the setup and deployment process for one Pi or many this is the post for you.

All the code is available on github: Raspberry Pi orchestration

Please give feedback as this is my first post and first python project.

Many thanks to HackBergen club and Verkstedet hackerspace in Bergen, Norway for help, space and hardware to test my project.

Thanks to Instructables for sending Raspery Pi 2 in quantity which allowed to create big network for testing.

Step 1: Short History

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I love RPi as a fast way to solve personal problems. Make a media center, maybe an internet radio, NAS or whatever.

I never tried running any desktop on RPi or connected keyboard to it. But to use it this way is not always easy. The fastest way I found was to use Google Coder project. It was so fast. Burn the image to SD card and connect ethernet cable or WiFi dongle and you are good to go. But as all Raspbian solutions it needs 4 Gb sd card. I try to re use old cards or make projects as small as possible.

What I did for myself is a Frankenstein of different projects to make it possible to find all the raspberry pi's on the network, install any distro of your choice to sd card or USB flashdrive and them provision it as you need. And if you have apps to deploy you can do it too.

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