Raspberry Pi Wearable Computer.





Introduction: Raspberry Pi Wearable Computer.

This is just a very quick demo of the wearable computer I made for a CyberpunkLARP game a friend of mine was running.

The whole thing was a bit of a throw together, with additional bits and pieces being bolted on (ok, taped on) at the last minute.

It consists of the following components:
  • Belt
  • Raspberry Pi
  • MyVu Crystal video glasses (damaged - only left lens worked properly)
  • USB Network Adaptor
  • USB Bluetooth Adaptor
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • 5v power regulator (DC-DC LM2596 Converter Buck Adjustable Step Down Regulator Power Module 1.2-35V)
  • 2x 6v 2.3Ah sealed lead-acid batteries - wired in parallel.
  • Mini LED Digital Volt Meter
  • Various wiring, switches and fuses.

The video glasses were originally damaged. Only the left lens worked consistently. So I cut them in two (no wiring went over the bridge of the nose) and assembled a headset using a cheap boom mike/earpiece, some wire and a lot of Sugru.

When running, it draws between 700mAh and an amp. So in theory the two 6v batteries in parallel should run it for between 4 and 5 hours.

It is capable of viewing web pages, although due to the low quality of the MyVu eyepiece, you really wouldn't want to try and focus on it for too long.

The software (the green screened database application shown) was written very hastily in Python. I deliberately made the font size extremely large (you only got about 10 lines on the screen) as this seemed to eliminate eye strain (mostly). The data itself was held in a MySQL database.

The overall effect was a display hanging in front of you about 40 cm across at 1.5 metres away. This worked especially well with the green lettering of the software I wrote as you didn't really see the square screen... just the letters overlaid in front of your vision.

As I said, it was made for a Cyberpunk LARP game (click either of those terms for a definition) and worked surprisingly well. This particular game was very well run and had things in place so that players could hack into the accounts of other players. The fact that I could do this whilst having a conversation with someone was great. Although it did tend to freak people out a little when I zoned out staring off into space.

Ok, it's not Google Glass... but then again, it didn't cost me $1500 to make!

UPDATE : New video with much more detail



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    OK I'M REALLY CONFUSED did you make an ACTUAL-WEARABLE-COMPUTER OR just some add on accessory for another game.
    Seriously, please i'd realy like 2 know if your able to run a whole computer through dat lense.

    Yes, it was a fully functional wearable computer.

    It was a real computer.

    Please provide the full instructables.

    honestly cool but please post how to make this project.

    Could you post how to make it?

    can i buy it from you mate?

    After a while does your brain get used to seeing normally with the right eye and the text with the left, so one seems just superimposed on the other?

    Reminds me of the Apache pilots who cani do two tasks simultaneously with different information coming into each eye, after a lot of training of course.

    Tried a monocular display a few years ago with Olympus eye-trek glasses. Have some myvu crystals on order from US, but very hard to find as seem not to be made any more.

    Am aiming for a Borg-style arrangement this time around, not fixed to any sort of glasses frame that is for sure.

    All the best


    It did become fairly natural after a while. The mind seems to tune out the frame and dark bits... you just see the image floating there.
    However, I've never been particularly good at multitasking, and it was only for one weekend... so I didn't end up doing the Apache pilot thing with each eye working independently!
    The MyVu glasses are quite old now. The resolution is not great and the optics are worse. The Oculus Rift is being released soon... That looks like it has massive potential.