Introduction: Raspberry Pi Day 8

Picture of Raspberry Pi Day 8

what is gcc

Step 1: What Is GCC?

Picture of What Is GCC?

Step 2: GCC Example

Picture of GCC Example

Step 3: What Is GDB?

Picture of What Is GDB?

Step 4: Using GDB

Picture of Using GDB

Step 5: Using GDB Comands

Picture of Using GDB Comands

Step 6: Memory Organization of C Program

Picture of Memory Organization of C Program

Step 7: Test Segments

Picture of Test Segments

Step 8: Intialized Data Segment

Picture of Intialized Data Segment

Step 9: Uninitialised Data Segment

Picture of Uninitialised Data Segment

Step 10: Stack

Picture of Stack

Step 11: Heap

Picture of Heap


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