Raspberry White Chocolate Smoothies




Introduction: Raspberry White Chocolate Smoothies

This morning, I invented these tasty smoothy beauties! I wanted to create refreshing breakfast smoothies! You like? I drank both of them! So delicious! ;)

Step 1: Gather Your 4 Ingredients!

Recipe: For 2 large smoothies= 750 ml= 3 cups


2 cups (500 ml) unsweetened almond milk/ I use home-made

1 cup (116 gr) frozen raspberries

1/2 cup + 1/8 cup (68 gr) vegan not to sweet white chocolate discs

1/4 cup (26 gr) gluten-free medium-sized oats

Step 2: Blend!

Take your Vitamix & place tamper into fitted lid. Blend on full number 10 & on high-speed until it is fully mixed, by using the tamper to push ingredients into the running blades. This will take about 10 to 15 seconds. Taste! You must taste the lovely white chocolate, that is a bit sweet & then the raspberries! I drank 2 smoothies, they were very delicious! :) You don’t taste the oats in here at all & that is what you want! :) Enjoy! xxx

You can also fine this tasty recipe here on my blog: http://sophiesfoodiefiles.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/vegan-gluten-free-raspberry-white-chocolate-smoothies



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