Step 6: Monitor

Picture of Monitor
I used the Vuzix Wrap 920 video glasses as a monitor.  They have a 640x480 resolution on each screen, which is pretty good considering the price.  It's a big price to pay if it were a full size monitor, but for video glasses, this is the best resolution I could find for the price.  Vuzix makes a better pair, the Wrap 1200, which sports twin 852x480px displays, but they cost a lot more ($500 on Amazon, more from Vuzix). 

As far as setup goes, connect the glasses to the control box they come with, and plug the RCA adapter the glasses come with into the control box as well.  Then connect the "Video" plug on the RCA adapter to the RCA coupler, and plug the other end of the RCA coupler into the Pi.  Don't use an RCA cable for this connection.  It works, but the coupler is much, much shorter.  I also found that this coupler is extremely snug-fitting.  I did loosen it up a little bit, but it is still a tight fit, unlikely to come loose while carrying the computer around. 

Some people have been asking about what the display actually looks like.  I was actually curious myself before buying these glasses.  When I tried to photograph them,  I realized quickly just how difficult it is to take a picture of such a tiny screen, behind a lens.  I posted the best picture I could get.  Viewed on my computer screen I could make out words in the image.  I don't think it's as easy when viewing the picture from Instructables.  You could try downloading it if it's difficult.  I assure you it's easier to read when wearing the glasses.