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This is a easy project that i did for fun, the final result is good , the most important thing is the raspberry that allow you to use many features for gaming or media player:

Step 1:

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Pick up an old cd or dvd drive, open it and remove all the interior parts leaving only the external case.

Step 2:

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Measure and do all the necessary cuts, I used extensions for all the conections

Step 3:

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Paint, let it dry, close the case and install the normal software, in this case i´m using KODI for movies and Retropie for emulators.

KODI (xbmc) OpenELEC / Exodus

Retriopie (emulator) EmulationStation


Darkam Onikaiju (author)2017-01-08

Nice idea, got to try this one too :)

Thanks for this !

Mjtrinihobby (author)2016-12-22

You got my Vote.

IlyasA1 (author)2016-12-18

wawww thank you

Ac7ion (author)IlyasA12016-12-19

You welcome ;)

Droxz (author)2016-12-19

Thanks for sharing, voted for your instructable :)

Ac7ion (author)Droxz2016-12-19

Tank you !

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