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Step 1: Cut

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Cut out 7 squares of fleece. I chose 9x9 inches each. (I'm making a few cubes) Then cut four strips to hang the cube with.

Step 2: The Entrance

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Cut a decent sized hole in the front of one of you side pieces. It may be best to find a bowl and make a little pencil line on it. (Or use permanent marker and cut around it (cut it out so the marker doesn't hurt the rats.))

Step 3: Sew

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Make it inside out first. Stitch around the entrance hole. Then sew the sides to the bottom. The bottom is two ply. Then sew the verticals. Last, sew the top to the back (opposite the entrance) then put the handles hanging on the inside on the sides and see the top to the sides, trapping the handles in between. Sew the top piece to the entrance piece. Trim edges if necessary Finally, pull it inside right thought the entrance hole. Yay! You are done.

Step 4: Tips

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Add a piece of cardboard to the bottom inside of the cube and lay a piece of fleece on top. It will give the ratty more stability. Make a smaller cube if you want. Mine ended up very large, but I have two huge (and growing) male rats.

Step 5: Enjoy

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Watch your rats "hang" out in the little home. They may like to lounge on the top too. Will add pics of my rats shortly.


boonda (author)2014-11-30

can you take more pics of how you sewed it all up sorry i dont know how to sew and im trying to do this for my chinchillas

TortillaJackson (author)2014-01-04

You might want to use something other than cardboard for the bottom,because the rats pee will leak into it and rot the cardboard.(I used a CD case)

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