Introduction: Rat Infested Cupcakes

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Need a Halloween treat in a snap?
How about some Rat-Infested Cupcakes?
Ewwww....and kind of cool...

Step 1:

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I was making cupcakes last week and a couple of them got crumbly.  I thought, "they look like they've been nibbled on by rats!"...Then I realized that it's actually a pretty good idea for Halloween!:)

Your favorite cupcakes
Sprinkles (optional)
Cupcake picks (optional)
Toy rats (can be found in the Halloween section of most stores)

Step 2:

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Quicky frost cupcakes and add sprinkles if desired. Using a fork, pick out a piece from the top and add a toy rat to look like it's nibbling the cupcake.

Step 3:

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Add a cupcake pick (optional, we got some "Eat at Your Own Risk" ones) and you're done! So easy and super gross!


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