Rat Rod Bike Trailer





Introduction: Rat Rod Bike Trailer

I wanted a bike trailer for my kids but couldn't find anything I liked. Made this from a wheel barrow, dolly, snow shovel handle, old high chair and some extras. Only piece I bought was the spring coupling from Amazon.



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A wheelbarrow, a sack-truck, a snow shovel, plus a few bits & bobs = a bike trailer. Bloody genius. That'd be perfect for a trip to the shops, too

Kept looking at the side view and looking for leaf springs! Nice build!

Thanks, couple of other things I forgot to mention. I also used an old mouse pad between the wheel barrow and dolly as padding to cut down on rattling noise and give a smoother ride. Also don't forget to check the bolts periodically and use some thread lock. Its pretty easy to pull, not that heavy, and I only have a small kid to pull. Looking forward to taking the chair out later and use it as a trailer for coolers and stuff.

Very cool! I love the scallops and the decals. I hope to click the "I made it!" button soon!

I really admire your creativity, using old parts you had laying around and transmogrifying them for a completely different purpose. How much does your trailer weigh? I'd think you'd have to have legs of steel to haul that much iron behind a bike.

One suggestion: For safety sake, please consider adding a roll cage.