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This guide is how to make a miniature bed and bedroom set using a cardboard box and lid, toilet paper roll, cardboard, cigarette pack, marker pen, foam, fabric scraps, batting, magazine cut outs, and tape. Children will have hours of fun with this cute doll bed. I have included the mouse pattern but this guide is not about how to make the mouse. I think the pattern instructions are very well written.


Step 1: Supplies

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1 Small box with a lid.
1 foam pad from packaging was used for mattress to make it level with the edge of the box.
Small fabric pieces for the pillow, sheet, quilt, ruffle.
Batting or anything soft to use as a filler for the quilt, and pillow.
Toilet paper roll for base of table.
Small pieces of cardboard for table top and stand for the cutouts.
1 Cigarette pack for the dresser.
Green marking pen to draw drawers.
Cut outs from magazines
Thread, sewing and floss for whiskers.
Tape measure.
Sewing machine optional.


2 felt pieces, brown and ivory for the mouse body.
Button for nose or eyes (I used felt for the eyes)
Thread and needle.

The directions calls for embellishments.

Here is the pattern:  http://www.allcrafts.net/fjs.htm?url=web.archive.org/web/20060626020607/http://www.kuninfelt.com/projectsheets/rainplush/chris_mouse.htm
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The pattern link does not work on my server so here is the site that I got it from in case it don't work for some of you. You will have to copy paste it. Scroll down on the right it says Christmas mouse. http://allcrafts.net/sewing/stuffedanimalssewing.htm.
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