For those of you who don't know who Ratchet is....well i'm sorry you lead a deprived existence.  Ratchet and Clank is a video game series that my son is batsh#t crazy about.  Pictured is Ratchet in his Hyperflux armor.  This is what my son wanted to be for Halloween.  Since he has been a good sport and worn the same "out of a bag" Super Mario costume for the last 3 years I decided to oblige him.

Part 1:  The Helmet

Warning:  For the duration of this Instructable I'm going to assume the reader (you) knows a little about the R&C series, because why else would you want to know how to make a Ratchet costume.

Helmet Material List:
Motocross helmet
Foam floor mat
Wood glue
Spray paint
Model paint
Electroluminescent (EL) wire
Two part epoxy
Super glue

Helmet Tool List:
Razor knife
Sand paper

Step 1: The Helmet Begins

Ratchet is a Lombax.  A furry faced, weasel-dog looking squishy (non-robot).  I am not a puppet maker, and I didn't want my son walking around in a wrong-looking furry mask.  This is why he and I decided on trying to recreate the Hyperflux armor.  It is one of the only armor upgrades that fully covers Ratchet's face.  (Note: R&C Deadlocked is dumb so I don't count that)

To begin, I purchased a bargin basement motocross helmet from Amazon.com for about $40.  I probably could have gone out and found a used one for cheaper, but the outdoors and contact with other people frightens me.  I will be modifying the helmet a bit so it was necessary to remove the foam core.  This was surprisingly easy, which I guess is why this particular helmet was so cheap.  The foam just slid right out the bottom of the helmet in one piece.

Next, I needed to size the ears.  I took a piece of wood and freehand drew a couple ears until one looked right.  I cut out two different size ears and layered them to give it a little more depth so they wouldn't look like wooden ears glued to a helmet.
I love this game. It was the first game i got for PS3 (the ps3 hd thingy people were talkin bout) | <br> v
nice i love those games and i play with my dad and sis im a girl too and i love vid games the holoflux amor is my fav.
why green in sted of the red? still looks sweet,you shoud get you son the R&amp;C HD COLLECTION for ps3.
Thank you. The green color was my son's decision. He doesn't like red, and since it's his costume I let him have some artistic input. <br> <br>Also, my son nothin! I'm getting the HD collection for myself.
why green in sted of the red? still looks sweet,you shoud get you son the R&amp;C HD COLLECTION for ps3.
That is really neat! Though I have never played the game, I have heard of it and I think the helmet looks great!
Thank you.

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