Picture of Ratchet
For those of you who don't know who Ratchet is....well i'm sorry you lead a deprived existence.  Ratchet and Clank is a video game series that my son is batsh#t crazy about.  Pictured is Ratchet in his Hyperflux armor.  This is what my son wanted to be for Halloween.  Since he has been a good sport and worn the same "out of a bag" Super Mario costume for the last 3 years I decided to oblige him.

Part 1:  The Helmet

Warning:  For the duration of this Instructable I'm going to assume the reader (you) knows a little about the R&C series, because why else would you want to know how to make a Ratchet costume.

Helmet Material List:
Motocross helmet
Foam floor mat
Wood glue
Spray paint
Model paint
Electroluminescent (EL) wire
Two part epoxy
Super glue

Helmet Tool List:
Razor knife
Sand paper

Step 1: The Helmet begins

Picture of The Helmet begins
Ratchet is a Lombax.  A furry faced, weasel-dog looking squishy (non-robot).  I am not a puppet maker, and I didn't want my son walking around in a wrong-looking furry mask.  This is why he and I decided on trying to recreate the Hyperflux armor.  It is one of the only armor upgrades that fully covers Ratchet's face.  (Note: R&C Deadlocked is dumb so I don't count that)

To begin, I purchased a bargin basement motocross helmet from Amazon.com for about $40.  I probably could have gone out and found a used one for cheaper, but the outdoors and contact with other people frightens me.  I will be modifying the helmet a bit so it was necessary to remove the foam core.  This was surprisingly easy, which I guess is why this particular helmet was so cheap.  The foam just slid right out the bottom of the helmet in one piece.

Next, I needed to size the ears.  I took a piece of wood and freehand drew a couple ears until one looked right.  I cut out two different size ears and layered them to give it a little more depth so they wouldn't look like wooden ears glued to a helmet.
I love this game. It was the first game i got for PS3 (the ps3 hd thingy people were talkin bout) |
AK_robot3 years ago
nice i love those games and i play with my dad and sis im a girl too and i love vid games the holoflux amor is my fav.
RSV263 years ago
why green in sted of the red? still looks sweet,you shoud get you son the R&C HD COLLECTION for ps3.
Nick70587 (author)  RSV263 years ago
Thank you. The green color was my son's decision. He doesn't like red, and since it's his costume I let him have some artistic input.

Also, my son nothin! I'm getting the HD collection for myself.
RSV263 years ago
why green in sted of the red? still looks sweet,you shoud get you son the R&C HD COLLECTION for ps3.
That is really neat! Though I have never played the game, I have heard of it and I think the helmet looks great!
Nick70587 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thank you.