Ratchet and clank groovy gun. (How to make a insane Ipod amplifier)

Picture of Ratchet and clank groovy gun. (How to make a insane Ipod amplifier)
Ever more tired from all those standard mp3 players that look like all the same?
Ipod in the center, speakers around it and few options you never use?

I am not the first that builds its own Ipod amplifier system except this one is something
that looks a lot cooler. I"ve got the idea from the well known "Ratchet and clank" games
(being a big fan of it) and decided that a little functionality should be applied on it.

In this case a "Lombax weapon or gadget" with a ipod functionality.
If you have to save the universe you need your music with you, any Lombax would agree...
Yet again this is a example of what you can make in any other shape or form.
Feel free to make any other "weapon" or design one your comfortable with using these steps.

Step 1: Get your stuff...

Picture of Get your stuff...
In your fantasy nothing is impossible, in the real world it is, so take your time collecting material and stuff.
It happened all the time that I finished a project and found something that looked really nice but could not be integrated anymore this far into the project. Drawing works in this case the best when you have your materials ready, draw a design that you like the most and figure out the technical difficulties on it. (specially the electronics) Tip: Build outside all the electronics you need and then test it before building it into your "gun" or thing...

In the next picture you see the collected materials I got: a pvc pipe, a very large ink cartridge and a few Laserjet cartridges.

Preparation work first: Take everything that is dirty or filthy outside and clean it there, I can guaranty that you will regret doing this sort of thing inside. I emptied the cartridge ink in a plastic bag and cleaned the rest with water and soap. (dispose both the water and filthy residue in a proper way, I am living 2 km from a garbage disposal center. I hope you know what I mean?
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Kaiven6 years ago
NO WAY! Ratchet and Clank! My probably only favorite playstation game!
mg0930mg Kaiven6 years ago
kingdom hearts?
I always thought kingdom of hearts looked kind of, you know... fruity?
It's just kingdom hearts. It's not 'fruity' it is a really good game, don't knock it 'till you try it.
Kaiven mg0930mg6 years ago
Yeah, fruity-ish. I just really LOVED Ratchet and Clank.
mg0930mg Kaiven6 years ago
How is it 'fruity-ish'?
It's got freaken disney characters in it.
So disney is amazing. You can't say you've never watched disney.
Well, first off, yes, I DID watch disney, but not alot anymore. SECOND, disney is was amazing back in the day when I was a kid, now with show like Hanna Montana and others I just don't trust disney anymore. THIRD, when Kingdom of Hearts came out, I was old enough to play FPS' and it looked like a good game but when I stated seeing Dafy Duck and Pluto in the GI article, I got a little suspitious and did not even bother to finish. There, Happy?!
I hate Hanana Montana. The only cartoon that I would ever watch currently is like King of the Hill, Simpsons, maybe Family Guy, and Tom and Jerry (<3). I don't like kiddy shows. Stuff like That's So Raven and Miley Cyrus teach kids how to be bratty and act spoiled. I hate it. Lol.
+1 Hannah montana is a selfish teenager who is only famous for her dad, Billy Ray "Mega- Mulet" Cyruss. King of the Hill is the best show about nothing... and texas.
miley cyruuss is a ho and king if the hill is the best mpointsless cartoon in.. well my living room
Miley Cyrus is a hoe, and King of the Hill is the best pointless cartoon in, my living room. Learn how to spell, and use capitlization.
this is the internet not grammerschool
This is the internet, but that doesn't mean you have to ignore everything you were taught in school.
says who
Really? Are we still fighting over kingdom hearts? Get over it.
OK, again it's just 'Kingdom Hearts'. Second, Hannah Montannah and that crap are not on it. Just aladin, pirates of the carribean, and hercules. So, I'd give it a try. ;)
but it has no black people in it :(
Just leave, nobody wants you here.
you dont want me here.and frankly id dont care what you want.
You can just feel the love and friendship going on here
and keys for swords
Actually it's a keyblade, not a sword, so go away?
..........[giggles pointlessly]
key blade key sword sword key either way its stupid
It's key blade as I said before, nothing to do with swords.
yeah and Final Fantasy characters so get over it
Before they came out with Size matter and tools of destruction! I had all the ratchet and Clank game.. well not had.... but have... lol... Ive beaten all... and whant to play online! but have old PS2... so I dont know where to look for expansion pack.. Have any ideas where to look?
No idea lol. Don't play anymore, though I would if I could...
Du7raz mg0930mg3 years ago
i agree but ffXIII is better
using a giant key for a sword is fruity
How about you go away? Are you 6, who uses the word fruity?
no im 14 and alot of people fruity where i live
Because that sentence made sense.
i second claytons rude comment
Metal Gear Solid?
Never played it.
I feel deep sorrow for you
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