What I love about this prank is, well... everything. It is very simplistic, cost little to nothing, provides a great scare, and you can not get in trouble for doing it! It consists of telling someone you found a rattlesnake egg and it in the folder, then they of course open it and a very loud rattling noise starts, scaring them very good. And yes I know, rattlesnakes give birth to live young, but most people don't know that or don't think about that because they just want to see it! I have gotten my teachers, friends, and parents with it and it always ends in a good laugh... of course after the screaming and what not.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials needed to do this prank:

Clothes Hanger (Metal)
A large washer or some other type of ring with a hole in the center (Mine is a Hard Drive Disk Spacer)
Rubber bands (Probably a lot because you will break a few until you gt used to how much to tighten it)
A manila envelope
A magic maker (not needed, but is a good add-on)
Wire Cutter
Tape Measure
<p>Clever! I hadn't known what this was until a few months ago, my brother pulled this one on me. :)</p>
I remember my dad showing me one of these when I was really little. Thanks for bringing back one of my earliest memories.
A cool idea would be to take one of those sound recorders from a birthday card, recorded the sound of a rattlesnake, and rigged it up so it would play when you opened the fold in the folder. <br /> <br /> <br />
Bad idea - the snake would bite you for sure.
I made one of these when I was in grade school. I used a regular envelope. <br /> then I gave it to my teacher saying it was from my mom! He made me re-wind it and took me over to another teacher to show her &quot;What my mom had written&quot;&nbsp;
This is indeed a primo prank and I can hardly praise your mad skills heartily enough.<br /> <br /> But on a smaller budget with less time,&nbsp; we got&nbsp;some nice&nbsp;screams from the same sort of contraption done with a bent up paperclip, a fairly good sized button, a cut-and-retied rubberband, and a plain ol' legal envelope.<br /> <br /> (Yours is MUCH more elegant tho' so keep up the good work.)<br /> <br />
<p>What happened to your measuring tape? it's really beaten up.</p>
<p>Also, how exactly does it make the rattling? How is it triggered when the envelope is opened?</p>
as soon as the pressure from the rubber bands overcomes the pressure from the envelope pusshing against the washer, it starts spinning the washer and the washer hits against the envelope<br />
haha yeah the measuring tape has been through a lot of work<br />
We had one of these when I&nbsp;was a kid, and I remember just about everyone that opened it was surprised.&nbsp; Great write-up!<br />
REMEMBER:<br /> Rattlesnakes are PIT VIPERS.<br /> Vipers are VIVIPEROUS.<br /> (They don't lay eggs, they bear live young.)<br /> <br /> This would be a great prank for the teacher to pull during a biology class on snakes. Everyone would remember it.
u are a master at the jokester, i like this idea i'm going to do this now and try to scare my little evil 7 year old baby sis
This was a&nbsp;cub scout project when I was a kid. I pulled it off on my 4th grade teacher. Our den mother was the coolest!!
<p>When I&nbsp;was a kid I&nbsp;fell for this trick, then made one for myself to use on other people. Oh the memories!</p>

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