Step 1: Starting the Build

Before doing any work on putting something together, I always like to sit down and think about the development and how something should go together. CAD is a great resource for this, so I designed most of the layout before spending any money.

<p>Hi, just stumbled across your build - very impressive! What did you use for the floor covering? Is it tempered glass, acrylic or something else and where did you get it from? Thanks!</p>
<p>really cool stuff, I may need it next time</p>
Nice! Could you tell me the size of each field where you put a LED pixel - and maybe the height between the mounting-base of the LED and the top plate ? <br> <br>Would you mind sharing the code for controlling the LED modules ? <br>
Nice build! I was planning to build something similar and would like to know where did you get the leds and what's the model. Thanks!
hpfev, Thanks! It was a lot of fun to build. The LED Modules I picked up from <a href="http://www.bliptronics.com">www.bliptronics.com</a> as their 33mm square module, I think they're around $4-4.50/each (There were 121 modules on the floor!). Ben also has some simple Arduino code there to help get them up and running!
I would really like to see the code!!
Hey, could post the code you used with the arduino for tht rgb base?? and the connections? Im a mechanical engrr, so not all well versed with programming n elecs.
Hi there... I&Acirc;&acute;m impressed with your job but I have a question, <br>Do you have a diagram where shows how you connected the Arduino connections to the LED's, what power supply you use to feed this 121 modules, and how do I do if I want to use like 400 modules or more?? what voltage amperage do I need? <br> <br> I really apreciate! <br> <br>Thank you
Wow, cool project and great documentation! Looks like a ton of fun.
isso ia fazer um maior sucesso no brasil pode ter certeza!!! Muito bom...
Whats the name of that song!!! Me Likz!
I saw this at the Con too and I must say this is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen there. It had a great sturdy build and I was amazed at how many people could dance on it at one time. Great job!
Where did you get the LED modules, those look like a great find.<br><br>Jules
I linked them a few comments below, www.bliptronics.com
Ok I have to ask, does the pole move up and down with the floor or is it fixed to the bottom of the drive section? In the test video it seems to move up and down but I can't see how it can be mounted at the bottom if this is the case
The pole actually does move up and down. In one mount, it is attached to the stage frame. In the second mount, its acts like a linear bearing allowing the pole to slide with the stage. This 'bearing' is mounted to the drive frame. This adds together to help stability. When in the down state, the bottom of the pole touches the ground just like the edges of the stage frames.
Wow, HOW HOW HOW did I miss this at the Con! I've been going to the wrong events! LOL<br>That's pretty darn impressive. I've got a stupid question. I see it's portable cause it has a motor, but it's not intended for movement while it is mounted correct? I just imagine someone dancing on top and some joker with the remote rolling it right from underneath her! LOL. <br>Really, that's a cool dance floor, I hope I see it at the 2012 Con!
You gotta hit the late night raves! And you are correct, we drive to a location, thrmen lower the floor. With the floor down, the bottom rails touch the floor, and it is unable to drive.
This is awesome, it would definitely be the hit at any party
Amazing!!!! <br>Fantastic Instructable... add some piezoelectric generators and you're all set for the never ending Dance party and burning man
Congratulations! This is one of the best instructables I've ever seen.
I had the privilege of seeing this at Dragon*Con this year, and was absolutely amazed! I actually saw the guy (yes...a tall guy dressed as a woman...it's D*C...what'd you expect :-) ), jump onto the pole and couldn't believe how well-built and sturdy this setup was. I'm very glad to see this up on instructables as I know you couldn't have covered all this in the short amount of time alloted in the 1 hour D*C block. Great job! :-)
Thanks! There is a lot involved and just having one hour, about all I can do is show it off, lol.
I have an X-Pole, which I love, but a lot of places I want to bring it, I don't have the proper structure to mount it. I need to make me one of these, though I would probably add some more weight to the base just because I always go kind of wild and swing out my weight.
If you build something exactly like Rave Rover you'd be surprised at the weight you can throw around. The base weighs close to 300 pounds with the motors and batteries installed. With the system locking to the floor it makes it a ton more stable! Thanks for commenting!
the attention to detail is impressive. folding up the sides is brilliant!
this is the most important instructable ever! thank you for making the world a better place
I want one for my next party!

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