Due to the amount of interest in the Led Glasses that I created and the constant stream of messages asking for help with making them. I decided to make a self assemble kit that reduces the amount of work that is required of you to make your own. The kit has undergone several revisions and is now at a stage to be sold in small numbers.

I will post new updates on the Facebook page, so:

Step 1: Parts & Components

Parts required for the "RS Basic" kit and included with the "RS Deluxe" kit :
  • 4x        Latching shift registers(74HC595)
  • 8x        NPN transistors (ZTX451 or BFY52)
  • 24x      Resistors (82R for blue, green or white LEDs, or 150R for red LEDs)
  • 8x        Resistors (1K)
  • 1x        Arduino Nano (arduino clones should also work)
  • 154x    Diffused LEDs (3mm, 20mA, get 200 of them, in-case of or repairs)
  • 4x        8-way Ribbon cable 10 inches to 13 inches (the length is dependent head girth)
  • 1x        Battery Box with switch (4xAA type)

Useful and Recommended Extras: (not included with either kits)

  • ISO A5 Sized Foam Sheet (3 mm to 5 mm in thickness)
  • Plastic housing to protect the glasses
  • Your own animations !!!
  • 15-way female pin header
I would like to have Rave Shades! where can I get the kit?
He's not selling any more
@funkytaco, Incorrect. <br><br>I will still be selling led glasses but I will be waiting for feedback from the kickstarter backers.<br><br>I am also working on the ready made version which you quickly connect together.
<p>Looks amazing!!!</p><p>are you still selling the kits, if so, for how much?</p>
<p>Hello budy, how are you? I live in Brazil and I have difficulty in buying international kit, so I wonder if there is leaut of pcb boards so I can ride here in Brazil in my house?</p>
<p>CAN I USE THIS DRIVER PCB ??? PLEASE REPLY . <a href="http://www.ebay.in/itm/200-Watt-Subwoofer-driver-PCB-bridge-TDA7294-/111777600067?hash=item1a0676d243" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.in/itm/200-Watt-Subwoofer-driver-PCB-bridge-TDA7294-/111777600067?hash=item1a0676d243</a></p>
<p>what is the name of devil eyes into the file &quot;all_animations&quot; ??? thank you</p>
<p>bro the code copy from note pad not working </p>
<p>Can someone please send me a link to the design for the driver and glasses PCB so I can buy them</p>
<p>Greatly interested. Are you still selling?</p>
<p>Is there a way I can get a kit still or even the board designs?<br></p>
where did you get the sunglasses board, and the PCB!?!?!?
<p>Hey, Could there be a way that I can still buy a kit or get the board designs</p>
It looks like all the links are now dead. The domain no longer resolves and the FaceBook page is no longer valid. Too bad since this looked quite fun.
How much could I buy one of these for in USD??? Where can I order it from??? Could I just buy the boards from you and how much would it cost??? <br>
go an makezine.com then ask if they can promote your kit
did you enter it into OSH park as an Eagle file or a ZIP file????
If you entered it as an EAGLE File, what is the project name on the CadSoft EAGLE website???
Fantastic work. <br>I had been thinking about something similar for a long time but doing it a different way so anyone is welcome to let me know their thoughts <br> <br>My concept was a basic conversion of a led scrolling belt buckle. I was thinking this as 90% is done for you slimmed and everything already simply put.... <br>1. get a led buckle and remove the board <br>2. extend the leds from the LEDs to the board by about 3ft. <br>3. if multiple leads use slimline cord wrap <br>4. desolder the battery connections and solder a fixed plug. <br>5. get a 6v 3000 mah pack and charger. normal battery is 230mah and last 20 hours probably on lowest setting so you can crank the brightness and use all night <br>6. if need be re-solder the battery pack flat to match the board. <br>7. make a box with a strong belt clip to house board and flat pack. <br>8. use existing case or make new case for led board and attach sunglasses arms <br>9. using a small drill drill holes between every led possible <br>10. if not possible remount all LEDs on a plastic frame <br>11. make a nose support. <br>you may look like data from startrek but nobody will care because you will look awesome. <br>12. find a way to program the board to do new things. some can be setup via pc so may be programmable really not sure but otherwise i will be fine with writing and pictures. would be awesome to have hearts so when a girl in a club is walking past you switch to that <br>The total size will be small the unit will be perfect for switching patterns discreetly and the battery will last for a insane amount of time. depending on how many cables are required you might be able to install a plug on the frames. <br> <br>This i my basic concept which i will be doing soon but is no way as cool as this guys. I also thought of a frame that has two shutters in the sides that on activation slide round giving you two slits instead of the usual lenses but could not see a wearable application for making them
Can you see??
Yep, check this out: http://solidgnd.co.uk/test-1/
You could make an app for smartphones to control the animations on the shades (bluetooth connection or something like that)
cool, another way to sell them is to sell them via someone like Sparkfun. If you want, they will take care of all the manufacturing costs, and will pay you a royalty, or you can manufacture the boards and send them as they need them.
Haha, definitely what we've been waiting for! Might get them myself!
These are seriously awesome, and I've convinced myself that I need a pair. Would it be possible to buy just the two PCBs from you, and if so, how much would that be?
Is this the improved version of your previous instructable??<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EL-EE-DEE-Glasses-First-Prototype/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/EL-EE-DEE-Glasses-First-Prototype/</a><br> <br> I must say I loved it and was talking about it to my cousin who is just started studying it university.<br> I have given her the above link...but which do you think is better?<br> I'm totally clueless about electronics and any that I find interesting I pass on to her :-)<br> good luck! with your business
Yes this is the improved version as it is a lot easier to make than the original. Kits will be for sale later this week if you where interested?
Are the dance moves included in the kits? J/K awesome kits and instructions.
Haha, thanks. The idea was to show that glasses would look good regardless of what you do when wearing them.

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