Picture of Raving Rabbid Plush
Raving Rabbids are hilarious bunnies in Wii and Ds games. If you want to make a normal rabbid, give it blue eyes and the round pink mouth. The crazy rabbid has red eyes, the other mouth and the extra eyelid piece. Fabric: light pink, white fleece, a different white fabric, blue or red, and black.
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Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces
cut patterns.JPG
patterns 2.JPG
patterns 1.JPG
patterns 3.JPG
Print the patterns from the pictures. Cut these pieces with white fabric: head-2, body front-1, arm-4, foot-2, leg-2,ear-4.  Cut these with light pink fabric: ear middle-2, eyelid-2, mouth-1, belly-1, feet center-2. Other pieces: Blue or red eye middle-2, White: teeth-2, eyes-2, Black: center of eyes-2. Crazy rabbid pieces: Red: Mouth-1, Pink: Cut the mouth pattern a little bigger than the red piece.

Step 2: Ears

Picture of Ears
ears (1).JPG
Sew the pink middle ear piece to the front of a white ear piece. Pin another white ear piece on top and sew around the edges except the bottom. Turn the ears right side out.

Step 3: Mouth 1

Picture of Mouth 1
mouth (3).JPG
mouth (1).JPG
head (2).JPG
For the normal Rabbid, cut a straight line in the middle of the pink round mouth. Hem the edges you just cut. This part is the opening of its mouth. Sew the teeth on one of the white head pieces. Rabbids' teeth usually aren't straight. Sew the pink mouth on the head, over the teeth. Put the ears upside down on the face, and put the other white head piece on top. Sew around the edges except the bottom.

Step 4: Mouth 2

Picture of Mouth 2
mouth (5).JPG
head (2).JPG
For the crazy rabbid, sew the pink mouth on the head. sew the red mouth on top of the pink mouth. Sew the teeth at the top of the red mouth.  Put the ears upside down on the face, and put the other white head piece on top. Sew around the edges except the bottom.

Step 5: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
eye (1).JPG
Sew the blue or red eye piece on the white eye piece. Sew the black eye piece on top of the colored piece. If its eyes are red, sew the extra eyelid piece over the bottom half of one of the eyes.

Step 6: Eyelids

Pin the bigger edge of the eyelid to the edges of the eye. The eyelid goes all the way around the eye. It isn't completely pinned in the pictures. Sew around the edges. Sew the ends of the eyelid together on the inside. Turn the eye right side out. Put a little bit of stuffing in the eye and hand sew the eyelid together in the back.

Step 7: Rabbid Head

Picture of Rabbid Head
Stuff the head and hand sew the eyes on.

Step 8: Arms

Picture of Arms
Sew two arm pieces together. Turn right side out and stuff the arm. Repeat to make the other arm.

Step 9: Body

Picture of Body
belly (1).JPG
Sew the pink belly piece on the white body front piece. Sew the arms and the back of the body on.

Step 10: Legs

Picture of Legs
leg (2).JPG
Line up the triangle between the front and back body pieces. Sew the leg piece to the front and back body pieces.

Step 11: Feet

Picture of Feet
foot (2).JPG
body (1).JPG
body (2).JPG
Sew the pink foot middle to a white foot piece. Pin the foot to the bottom of the leg. Sew the foot to the leg. Sew the sides of the leg together. Make the other foot. Sew the bottom of the body together.

Step 12:

Picture of
rabbid (2).JPG
Stuff the body. Hand sew the head onto the body.
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