Picture of Raving out your Computer
The video of this Mod

READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just reorder some new parts to fix some of the problems that i have. Please don't try to work on this till I am finish solving some of the issues (Unless you are a Level 10 Electrical Engineer.)

Well i figure out why this doesn't work as well. LED need a certain amount of milliamps to turn on. The current that comes out of the headphone jack is WAY TO LOW. It bearly turn on the leds (so you can only see it while it is dark and the volume is MAX OUT).

So i guess i would need to make a amp before the connecting it into the transistor.

Also if you want to use the microphone you will need a PRE-amp.

READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READ ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a case window just like I do you sometimes wish you could turn off all those lights. I was like one those guys, but I added this other feature call the "RAVING MOD".

This mod will show explain how to make your LEDs to turn off and on with the sound of your music (or games or anything that comes out of your audio out). You will also learn how to COMPLETELY TURN OFF ALL YOUR LIGHTS.

Disclaimer 1: My Grammar is AWFUL. So if you can help clarify something please go ahead and tell me.

Disclaimer 2: I am not responsible for anything that happens to you or your computer. I am a ME not a EE.

Disclaimer 3: Never open your Power Supply. I needed Fans to mod so I did and I learn my lesson.

Disclaimer 4:Before I continue I just want to say that the circuit for this instrubable did not just came to me one day. A fellow student in my school gave me the idea that a NPN Transistor will make the lights turn On and Off.

Computer Fan (Any size or type and no Leds are needed)
26 gauge wire (Black and some other color)
18 gauge wire (Black and some other color)
Zip Tie
Male and Female 4-pin molex
Male and Female pin molex
NPN transistor
Female Audio connector
2x Two way or 1x Three way switch
Audio Splitter
Male to Male 3.5mm audio cable
Or Microphone with 3.5mm male cable (needs Mic Preamp)

Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
Small Standard Screwdriver or something similar
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Electric Tape
Soldering Iron and Solder

Just ran across this Structable. Great job and great Stuctable. For me, I use my audio out, so I need to use a sound controller. For and easy way to do this check out my Structable at http://www.instructables.com/id/Lighted-Fan-Light-Switch/ This can easily be connected to a sound controller.

kyismaster5 years ago
The song is Streamline by Newton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BugFniXE1rc
the page has been removed because of author rights... sucks!
kingofdon5 years ago
that so awesome..can i use other transistor than TIP31C
you can use a mosfet
fuzychiapet5 years ago
"Please don't try to work on this till I am finish solving some of the issues (Unless you are a Level 10 Electrical Engineer.)"

My Warcraft character is a level 30 engineer- does this count?
No, unfortunately, time wasted playing video games on a computer cannot be transferred for credit towards an electrical engineering degree. Sorry.
But it's Warcraft Man.
yeah, nice excuse
Well, if you're an electrical engineer or an experienced hobbyist, give it a shot
zack2475 years ago
yuo might want to clean out the blue fan... its really dusty. cool 'ible though! 5*s
DustySeven75 years ago
I have worked on computers for a while now. The red wire on a molex cable is 5v power the yellow cable is the 12v line.
junits155 years ago
it seems the tip31 is a favorite for music controlled lights
Aztof5 years ago

nuff said 

nuff said =)
Aztof Aztof5 years ago
oh, what's the name of the song in the video?  I would love to put it on my iPod
dkfa6 years ago
maybe you could make the leds glow and fade....like its breathing! Now you can call your PC a MONSTER rig.
you can do that, just get a capacitor in parallel with the LED
that wont pulse them, it will fade them off, (not sure if it will fade them on).
if you put a resistor in series
i want to do that! im in welding so i am makeing a steel metal case with the monster energy symbol on it, green LED's was the plan but with the breathing thing wuld make it sweet! 
Holden_vy_s5 years ago
As a person who uses his computer rather than looking at it, i feel the need to say RICER.

But thats just me.
jobergy5 years ago
wow that is pretty simple when it comes down to it, cool thanks! will use indeed!  and for my lights in my truck for my audio system! cant use the audio in but i can make the mic thing work im sure 
Siabnec5 years ago

Just Awesome
your dog5 years ago
this instructable makes me extremely jealous
akjian6 years ago
do you have msn ? . i got question to ask you ..
olie8546 years ago
every one I am very sorry i have seen an easier way to every ones solution, the schematic is wrong do not use it it can be fixed which i will show you how to make it correctly for know just follow his second drawing of the layout of the wires and parts its messy but it is correctly drawn. below is the correct schematic i have updated two wires cross they ARE NOT CONNECTED, the rest are connected.
masonat olie8546 years ago
Where is the sound input?
itstemo1 (author)  masonat6 years ago
Do you see the purple lines. The G is for the ground and the squigilly line if for the L and R of the sound
thats cool. by the way, whats the name of the song?
streemline by newton
thanks, have you made this circuit? did it work?
ok...from what i gather from this image...i connect the NPN/audio part and the ground to the same prongof the second switch, correct? i then connect the "on only" cable to the other prong? makes sense, i guess...just confirm this for me...
also what gauge of wire to i use for the circuit?
ok...also...do i use the right and left of the audio or do i use one and the power?
what I recommend is use left and right audio together and connect the gnd from audio to the emitter of the npn transistor, gauge wire does not really matter i would use smaller than 20 gauge, also you first comment i do not under stand fully the first switch is the main on of , and the second switch overrides the audio amplifier to full on 12volts, reply back with a more in depth question as i don't understand what your getting at, but i do think you are correct no I've a second look at it.
i think i figured it out...but im still confused about the audio...for my setup im using a headphone cable...it has three wires inside...a red, a white, and a blue...guys from radioshack said that red and white were right and left, and the blue must be ground...where do i connect these?
itstemo1 (author)  Mighty Mackinac6 years ago
Okay... Red and White are going to be connected to the Base on the NPN transistor. The ground is going to the ground of the power.
alright...got that...

now...i have a question about one of my switches... it has three prongs, all labeled: Power, ACC, and Ground...this is going to be the first switch...which prongs do i connect the power to? btw...i got all of my supplies from radioshack if that helps...this is the switch...
ACC is just a led in the switch, power and ground is the only thing u need. It doesnt matter which end up you plug it in as long as you dont mix the red and black wires together
so which one would i connect to turn the led on and have the circuit work? i assume that BadzBoyz, you mean that i can connect to either one and the circuit would work?
I see now the link did not work for me the acc is for the led only 2v should be necessary depending on color i assume red but badzboy89 is correct i did not under stand the switch sorry.
ok...so i tested the circuit and i followed it to the letter...and nothing works...
are you one hundred percent sure that the circuit is correct? it might have been my crapping soldering job...but im kinda new to it...
The circuit works but did u test out all the led's on the fan?
all of the leds work...i know for a fact...im just not sure that the circuit i made was properly constructed...
ok...one of my friends was saying that he attempted something close to this...but he said that the 12v and the ground needs to be switched...i think that makes sense...ideas?
just follow the 2nd diagram its working fine
ok...so...i just about killed my computer by plugging this thing in... i have done everything by the specs and it still won't work... I nearly killed my computer; i wanted to see if reversing the polarity would change things...all i have to say is, it smells rly bad in my room right now...my headphone jack cables burnt through the covering...
your switch is like all others middle one is the constant as it always connect to one or the other and when switch is up the constant and bottom are connected and visa versa.
itstemo1 (author)  Mighty Mackinac6 years ago
Cool cool. Thanks for providing a picture. I do have a switch like that. Anyways ACC will be the positive and Ground will be ground. The power is to turn on the lights of the switch. This is a bit tricky because you can either just connect both ACC and POWER together, BUT I haven't done this. I still don't have my switch light up. But you can experiment with it.
itstemo1 (author)  itstemo16 years ago
Actually Badzboyz89 might be right. ACC is the LED power. The LED is normally the one far away from the ground.
you are all going to hate me for this but since there has been so much controversy I have asked the help of someone who has built this circuit or similar know i said the audio goes to the base i am wrong sry. but the base means base power as in never changing the collector is the audio in put it collects the current to activate the switch so audio + to collector and 12v + to base the original schematic right do not look at my !corrected! one it is wrong. this is coming form a working version of this circuit and for you with the three audio wires test them for their voltage there's three combos. i would guess that red and blue are left and right and white is ground that would make scince.
wow this mod is beast, kudos to you
This looks so awesome. I want to do it now! Just a couple questions though. -What exactly is the 'Female Audio connector'? Is that a 3.5mm Female to Female Audio cable? -Also really like the switch unit you used. Do you happened to know where I could get one. It would be nice to have one that would fit nicely in my case? -And finally is there any place were I can get all the supplies from one retailer? What would you suggest? If not what the next best retailers?
not sure if you could do this, but could you theoretically make your LEDs flash in rhythm to your fans, enough to get the backwards rotating wheel effect, or other effects from flashing the light at a certain frequency that corresponds to the fan speed? Basically, you could have a raved out light show and fans that you could show spinning different directions or whatever. Just wondering.
capacitor and variable resistor.
bounty10126 years ago
lmfao this is pwnage! 5/5 faved.
punkatsub6 years ago
i probably shouldn't do this, as i have epypilis, not so good, man for the eyes
sn31026 years ago
The Instructable is well presented and documented. I would add to your disclaimer: Don't try this at home unless if you have a well rounded knowledge of electronics!! This is a higher level modification and it is not worth (in my opinion) taking the risk of smoking my investment.
Davidnipp6 years ago
Gotta love the G15 and the G5... *looks around* hey we totally have the same setup!!!
masonat6 years ago
Ok... I am trying to build the circuit. It is not working the light is always on even with nothing attached to the base. what could be bad? I have tried with several transistors same result. What should i do?
masonat masonat6 years ago
Any one... no responses need help.
masonat6 years ago
How did you do the blue cold cathode? It flashes at different times than the green LED's. Thanks for the help this is perfect. :-)
itstemo1 (author)  masonat6 years ago
Oh yeah in that video the Cathode was attach to its inverter that has its own sound activated device. The difference between that one this one and the one on my cathode is that the cathode is activated using a mic. Also the cathode sound activated thing has a nob to change sensitivity.
masonat6 years ago
another question. Would you be able to adjust the sensitivity by adding a pot to the input? To adjust it for bass.
itstemo1 (author)  masonat6 years ago
Now that was part of what my later expiriments, but because i had a hard time getting a full voltage to go thru (that why the leds are much dimmer when in rave mode than when they are always on) I didn't think adjusting the resistance could result in a better result. But you do have a good point. If there were to be a way to increase the input (like an small amp) and then you can control the amp. I am no electrical engineer. So I don't know to much after this. Sorry if I can't help you.
masonat6 years ago
One question would you fry the npn if you use a cold cathode?
itstemo1 (author)  masonat6 years ago
Yes and No. If you place it like this 12v > NPN > Inverter > Cold Cathol You are good but if you place it like this 12v > Inverter > NPN > Cold Cathol YES YOU WILL FRY IT. (well most NPN are not rated for those kinds of apps.)
masonat6 years ago
Grate idea just the circuit I needed thx. i am building a new computer with a clear sided case perfect thx.
Redgerr6 years ago
sweet broo, i allways wanted to get rid of the lights in my computer... sadly we cant get rid of the lights in the watercooling system... but hey still a great instructable!!
Navmz6 years ago
MAJOR COINCIDENCE. I paused my Playlist account to listen to the intro video, and heard the same song that i was listening to: Streamline by Newton. ARE YOU STALKING ME?!?
Redgerr Navmz6 years ago
lol, hey happens to everyone sometimes :o maybe...?
Badzboyz896 years ago
itstemo1 what kind of sound card are u using or its just a onboard?
Badzboyz896 years ago
I have 4 fans hooked up but its dim when it flashes im using blue led's anyone help?
itstemo1 (author)  Badzboyz896 years ago
yeah it does that. I normally set my music to the loudest. Its not a ON and OFF thing. Its a increase and decrease of voltage that happens. There is a way to make it turn on a off, but I am no Electrical engineer.
even i blast my music it still really dim not as bright as the videos light
HuggyBear6 years ago
The only thing i would have done differently was to use a on-off-on switch instead of two on-off switches. other than that, ive been looking for an insntructable like this. thanx
hey you know whats better is to use two on off switches one to activate 12 v power to led's and one to activate power from sound circuit that is what i am going to do so i can have all led's off in my computer if i want to.
???? yeah.. that is what an on-off-on switch is. you can have one circut on (the 12v). you can have both circuts off. you can have the other circut on (the rave mode). it just simplifies it in one switch, instead of having to mess around with 2 of them. an on-off-on switch is a switch than has 3 positions, instead of 2, like the switches used in this instructable
yeah I see what you are saying but i don't like to have to get the switch in the center its easier to push it all the way than getting it in the middle, i was just making it easier if you have the switches at the back like me. its debatable but you are right.
olie8546 years ago
olie8546 years ago
what you need to do is switch the LED placement with the 4 LED's around the fan, get rid of the resistors we don't need then and where the switch is that will be the incoming audio positive.
Badzboyz896 years ago
how many led's can you hook together with the transistor?
gazzlo6 years ago
If you need to know information about LED's, you can wire them with a 1K ohm resistor and hook it up to a 12V Battery and measure the voltage drop ;) That should tell ya what you need to run them!
ridis7 years ago
Add instructable how you make bolt
iBurn ridis6 years ago
Umm...as he previously stated above..to your previous question....It's not a bolt. It's a Cold Cathode...again...not a bolt...cold cathode...you know...like the lights in a neon sign...or a scanner...
itstemo1 (author)  ridis7 years ago
to make what?
hypertailz6 years ago
up to how many ( fans/tubes/ect) do u have connect on this circuit
itstemo1 (author)  hypertailz6 years ago
Well I have 6 Fans using my circuit. But in theory you could have as many as your power supply can support.
Thanks i current running on 6 fans also on a antec Nine Hundred so i am supporting alot of fans with a 750w supply so i think i can handle a bit more lol
so is it possible to do this on a 5.1 channel setup? have different color leds for the different channels?
also would it be possible to replace the audio port with a headphone jack? i have lots of spare headphones floating around my room and no use for them...
itstemo1 (author)  Mighty Mackinac6 years ago
YES BUT Well I have a 5.1 channel setup, but if you know something about music is that you don't really hear it on 5.1 but on 2.1. Anyways. Also some of the sound that comes out of the Rear speakers are not so "MAIN" so if you are watching a movie and the bad guy shot this AK47 the sound might be comming out of the front speaker and not from the back speakers meaning... that you wouldn't see the lights light up. Back to the Audio Port... What do you mean audio port?
in the diagram you used a headphone port as the connection between the circuit and the audio...
qwertyboy6 years ago
where did you get the song in the video? great mod!
I cant get this to work!!! I am using a 2n3904! I hope its just the transistor thats faulty and not my circuit
itstemo1 (author)  fallenspirit1236 years ago
Right now I can't help you. I think the circuit that I show you guys might not be correct, sorry. I am currently failing some of my classes in college and I need to study for the finals in two weeks. After the finals I will work on this I promise.
ok thanks!
electric-96 years ago
I need help could u make a more precise wire diagram or send me one so I try to build this. I am trying right now but it doesn't seem to be working. Whats between the collector and emitter with that G??? is it the audio in jack. Also can I us an NPN 2N3904 transistor or do i have to use the one you have specified.
Can someone tell me if I can use a TIP122 for this
Have a link to the datasheet here
itstemo1 (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
As long as it is a NPN you are good... so because it is ... you should be good
BTW whats it mean if i got it clugged in but the led are really bright and flicker a bit?
itstemo1 (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
Okay... From what I can remember... You ethier have current going thru the LEDs plus you also have a NPN working. You also made me realize how my diagram was SO SO WRONG. Well sort of... Oh god... I think I might have to test this out before I package everything and send it back to Detroit. Thanks for enlightening me.
Did u FIX IT???
What do I do, I followed the diagram u posted in the comments but they dont seem to flash or anything
OK, can u make a schematic that u can assure me that works please, btw i won't be online for the next 72hrs approx
I'm back, a long time ago
itstemo1 (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
I god... I so know the answer for this... Give me a second...
Notbob7 years ago
Im so going to try this once i can find some acrylic! Book marked! What is the name of the song playing in the video?
Newton - Streamline
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
how would you wire this if you want to use a PNP instead of a NPN?
itstemo1 (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
I don't think you can do that... THINK
Great Instructable... I'm making it today. :) Correct me if I'm wrong... but I think you said you need 1/4" audio cables when I think you meant 3.5mm. Just a little error.
itstemo1 (author)  Alexizupinhea7 years ago
Yeah... My bad...
I'm so going to do this. right now. bye. I'll post pics.
itstemo1 (author)  James (pseudo-geek)7 years ago
well I got about halfway through cutting a square in my pc for some glass, and the screw that holds the bit on my dremel fell down under my shed and I cant get it.
OK so now my dad broke the glass and so I have a half-cut hole in the side of my pc (looks REDICULOUS) and no rave mod :(
sooo sad :'(
BTW what are the two switches for in the schematic?
dragon21447 years ago
Sweet what song and band is that song on the vid it is awesome.
Streamline by Newton
itstemo1 (author)  dragon21447 years ago
Newton - Streamline
Hehe I just checked out a transistor i fonud in a psu and it's a TIP122, like a couple of amps and a NPN Yay i'll use it 4 this
ridis7 years ago
bolt in the pc is lighting
itstemo1 (author)  ridis7 years ago
Its just a Cathole Light (neon light) with its Sound Activator (all retail) its also UV.
ridis7 years ago
Very cool
core2kid7 years ago
Can someone clarify what to do? I'm basically trying to do it with 4 LEDs in series without the fan. I am also trying to do it with only one switch that turns it on/off.
itstemo1 (author)  core2kid7 years ago
Its cool if you only do it with 4 leds and no fan. anyways. On Step 12 the first picture you will see two switches. Switch number 2 (place your mouse over the boxes) is the one that YOU DON"T NEED. Anyways... If you need anything else just ask.
Still not working. I'm going to upload a drawing of exactly what I did, color coded hopefully. Maybe that'll help determine what I am doing wrong.
Here's a link to what I am doing. I hope you can find out what I am doing wrong.
itstemo1 (author)  core2kid7 years ago
First of all... Sorry for taking long... Work is killing me

Okay I remove the second image... I still don't see what is wrong with it but the first image is the correct one.

Anyways... what is wrong with your setup...

First of all you don't need the Female connector. I use a female connector because my LEDs connect to them. *In other words* My Female connector is going to be your LEDs. Just imagine that your LEDS are that there is no Female connector instead your have your series of LEDs (red is possitive and Green is negative {according to step 12 diagram})

This leads us to the negative side of your leds to be attach to the Base (or lable "B" in step 12 diagram).

Also "C" in the NPN goes to the Non-Ground (Left and Right Channels) of the audio.

Also the Ground for the Audio Connector goes to the Ground of the Male Molex

"E" Just goes to Ground of the male molex.

And don't worry about the Brown Cable (according to the Diagram) that is to keep the lights on.

Will try to make a better diagram just for you.
no the 1st image is wrong i am a EE and the circuit would not function the 2nd image is the working one
Yea, I'm using it with a Cold Cathode and YOUR image, It worked great, thanks.
Your diagram didn't work but instead I used AK11667's diagram and that worked. My lights work fine now. One more question, Would I ruin my cold cathode by using that for this?
umm im using my uv cold cathode on it so its not ruined
itstemo1 (author)  core2kid7 years ago
Anything else just ask
joey25426677 years ago
ak116677 years ago
i need some help here the 2 drawings are totally different im going out to buy the parts in like 10 min but don't know how to hook them up please clarify
Its really cool to be able to do this yourself but if you can't, like me, are too lazy, or don't want to, you could just get this:
I think it's cheaper too, though with the one here you have the option to do it to anything you want with an NPN transistor.
BTW, I still need help, see my drawing here and please help me, if you can.
i already finished it go by the 2nd drawing it works and is easier to follow
Still having trouble. Can you check my picture
or draw me a quick one, I don't get the other one. I'm trying to do mine with either 1 or no switches. 1 for only the Rave on/off or the Rave constantly on.
here you go hopefully this helps
ak11667 ak116677 years ago
philipster7 years ago
with water cooled i got neon green water coolant and put strobes and leds to hook up to a control box but your way beats mine
maxpower497 years ago
is there anney thing you can do if u have a water cooled computer
itstemo1 (author)  maxpower497 years ago
Put some UV on your clear water tubes... and have your UV cathole light those tubes.
=SMART=7 years ago
i saw this fan in maplins today, you can buy blue fans with red leds already in it but it costs £4 more so it cheaper to make
=SMART=7 years ago

Anyone who likes the song can download it here

itstemo1 (author)  =SMART=7 years ago
Great... I hope this is not pirating. Didn't flag
yea i dunno if its pirating, if anyone dosent like it ill happily delete it but its up to you if you want to download it :D
UberPug7 years ago
hows the tube light connected?, i thought it wd be a good idea to use a VU-meter to get separate signals to drive each set of leds
itstemo1 (author)  UberPug7 years ago
Okay I just recently tested the Tube lights and it didn't work like I have thought it was going to work. Instead they just blink just like my LEDs. Funny thing about it is that if I hook this to my fan controller and I lower and increase the fan speed it will go up and down and not dim.
itstemo1 (author)  UberPug7 years ago
The Tube Light (cold cathole or neon light) is not connected to the circuit. The Cold Cathole lights are using its own Sound Activated Censor. I can't guaranty it is going to work if you connected to the circuit. All I know is that when there is a resistance on how much power goes on the Cathole it wouldn't fill it self all the way to the top. In oder words the light wouldn't blink but but go Up and down in theory. Now to have a different signal to drive each LED is complicated. The only thing I can think about is to add resistance at the beginning of the serial of LEDs. This will make the fan leds to increase brightness at higher signal streaght. I haven't test it, but I should. Might work on both ideas when I get my powersuppy. Okay?
wat u mean by a VU meter?
tech-king7 years ago
nice. but im planning something a bit different for my dell.
instructable case modd.jpg
itstemo1 (author)  tech-king7 years ago
Nice flames!
thanks. im adding leds and a new heatsink.
itstemo1 (author)  tech-king7 years ago
That should look awsome?!?!
that is pure badassness.
itstemo1 (author)  James (pseudo-geek)7 years ago
100% thanks!
ramroids557 years ago
Nice Idea. But my main question is this:..What was the name of that song?
Streamline by Newton
Great song Great I'ble +5
itstemo1 (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
Yeah I wasn't sure what song to put on. So I got my favorite techno play list and played the first random song.
Would you mind putting up the names + artists of the techno songs you got because im to lazy to look up techno songs to download. You sound like you have good techno "taste" because thats why I ask
itstemo1 (author)  thermoelectric7 years ago
I wouldn't say I have good Techno Taste. Its more like what I get from people once in a while. But I do love 3 main DJs. Tiesto, Scooter, and The Prodigy. Then there are some other ones I randomly got from friends.
Can you put a schematic up thats more detailed please
=SMART=7 years ago
dud that is sooo awesome, the leds are insane !! they work really well with the music , you computer looks awesome in the vid! by the way what is the name of the song???
That is friggin' Awesome with a capital A.
As far as off topic goes: Is that the ULTRA "Black Aluminus Case"
(Same one as me.)
itstemo1 (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
The case name is "X-Superalien" by Apevia but is is just a a modified Chieftech
Oh, I wasn't even close XD
itstemo1 (author)  Sergeant Crayon7 years ago
Oh yeah... and thanks
The two diagrams are diffferent try to draw a eaiser to read one please
themadman7 years ago
do you mean a Series circuit when you say serial?

nice instructable
itstemo1 (author)  themadman7 years ago
I knew something was funny with that word. Thanks. I will change it as soon as possible
hellpilot7 years ago
lol awsome! Yet my is good enough its all blue...
itstemo1 (author)  hellpilot7 years ago
Oh good. I change all my Blue fans to Green. Actually I had to tell my mom that the blue fans were dieing on me so I WAS FORCE TO CHANGE THEM
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
Please re-draw the diagram, with straight lines thanks!
itstemo1 (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
There are two diagrams. The Technical and the non-technical. But I will. Just give me till Friday (when i get my Power Supply Unit from the mail)