Introduction: Ravioli Making Contest

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We put the challenge out to our friend to have a Ravioli making contest/dinner party

I made the pasta

On a sheet pan Add 3 1/2 cups of unbleached flour

make a well in the center

Whip 4 large eggs and pour in the well,

using a fork pull flour into center keep doing this until it forms together.

Start kneading using your palms for about 3 mins

keep dusting with flour if it becomes too wet

When its a perfect ball wrap in plastic and let it rest.for a half hour at room tempature

Now your ready to roll your dough in the pasta maker

take off a fist size piece and flatten with your hands

Start with number 5 and roll it

move to 4

3 and down to 1 you should have a nice flat long piece of pasta

Now your ready to fill it with your favorate filling

Step 1: Ravioli Making Contest

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Here's what we did

Invited 4 friends so we had 6 people.

They had to decide what there filling and there sauce was going to be and bring that stuff with they.

I hand made the pasta but each person had to roll out there own dough.

Step 2: Filling the Pasta

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Each person has 30 mins to cook there filling, make there sauce, roll there pasta.

Stuff them and plate them and serve to the other 5 people.

We had judging sheets out of 1-5

2 categories best tasting and best presentation

The cook had to collect the plates and wash them and clean kitchen for the next person.

Step 3: Our Plates

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3 Cheese ravioli with tomato sauce

Hot Sausage with hot sauce and cream sauce

Steak filling with bbq sauce

Chicken parmesan boiled/breaded and fried with spicy tomato pesto

Wild mushroom and Alfredo sauce with pecans

Step 4: And the Winners Are

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First place

Wild mushroom and Alfredo sauce with pecans

we had so much fun with this pasta making contest.

Hope everyone gives it a try.


tecknoob (author)2017-01-16

Sounds like a ton of fun!!

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