Picture of Ravioli with Lobster Cream Sauce
This super-simple recipe makes a great romantic dinner for two to celebrate the holidays, a special occasion, or really anytime you want to impress your sweetheart with your cooking.

It's so easy, anyone can make it and seem like a gourmet chef! The big trick is to thicken pre-made lobster bisque to be your sauce.

My fiance LOVES lobster ravioli with lobster cream sauce. When we get it at a restaurant, it costs $20 or so a person, so it's too expensive to eat regularly. But with this recipe you can serve two for well under that. I thought of it one day when I was buying lobster bisque at trader joes and realized 'wait a minute: lobster cream sauce is basically just thick lobster bisque. aha!'.

I usually use trader joes lobster raviolis with trader joes lobster bisque (total: under $10 to serve two). However, I don't have one near my new house and didn't have time to go there for this instructable, so I used what they had at whole foods (more expensive: about $14 plus the optional meat).

The main 'fake it' element of this recipe is turning premade lobster bisque into lobster cream sauce. You also save time with store bought lobster ravioli and optional ready-made shellfish
joseph21081 year ago
during boiling add some soy letichen and stir for 20 minutes with electronic mixers now you have moleculary altered lobster bisque foam for the ravioli
Stiny4083 years ago
YAY! I just made this and the directions were great and the dish was DELISH ! Btw: I used Costco Lobster Bisque and it was amazing!! I can't wait to make it again!
I have those same plates, perfect for pasta dishes. Not so good for meal where you dont want everything to mix. Thank you for the recipe, I'll be trying it out soon.
for an appetizer or side dish Prosciutto (a type of ham) wrapped shrimp with the skin and tails taken off baked in olive oil under 375 degrees Fahrenheit for a few minutes or until almost browned on the outside
Wolf Seril8 years ago
Great instructable! Well written and a good idea. Although you need a side... asparagus? Thats the only idea i can come up with.