Raw Meatball


Introduction: Raw Meatball

A traditional Turkish snack made with cracked wheat and season with some hot sauces and herbs.


Crack Wheat (Bulgur in Turkish)

Raw Meatball Mixture (Flake Pepper, Isot Flake Pepper, Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Cummin, Allspice)


2 Tomatos



Step 1:

2 pieces of tomato, one medium onion (100gr) shall be planed into a plate. Parsley and scallion are copped to very thin bits in a different plate.

Step 2:

Cracked Wheat is put into a large pan. Previously planed tomato, onion added and kneaded for 15-20 mins. Add tomato or pepper paste or add both and knead again for 5 mins.

Step 3:

Our Raw Meatball that reached to the right consistency are added with onion, pepper mixture and scallion and kneaded for 4-5 mins.

Step 4:

Fist Meatballs. Its served with lettuce. Lemon or pomegranate syrup could be added on while eating.



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    I love cig köfte, but the bulgur has to be some kind of specific bulgur, right? Some is grinded more finely than other types of bulgur?

    and it looks like that on that step because of the paste

    it is uncooked. and it tastes delicious

    from the look of image one, step two...

    I would say, definitely cooked. (could you imagine uncooked? poor teeth)