This DIY describes how to create raw TetrisLamp.

Step 1: Tetrominoes

I had 2 wood slats spare. They came with a shelf I ordered and were part of the package.

As other electronic geeks I spent a lot of time playing Tetris. So I decided to use the slats to create a TetrisLamp which contains fairy lights.

This step describes how I created the Tetrominoes.

I was able to create 3 of them. That' s all I got out of the 2 wood slats I had.
So I first made the parts for the 3 Tetrominoes regarding the sheet shown below.
The measures are in cm. The wood slats were 1,6cm thick and I wanted the parts to look like assembled from 10cm cubes.
Before I painted the Tetrominoes I had to create holes for the cable of the fairy lights.
I wanted the lamp to hang on a wall with an invisible mounting. So I added holes to the blue part which match the screws I used as the mounting. These screws have an angle on the end.
Be sure not to bore these holes through completely.

After I painted the parts, I added colored construction paper on the front, in the same color I' ve chosen for the wooden parts. The paper was fixed using construction glue. I tried to exert pressure during drying using big and heavy books.

After the parts of my TetrisLamp were finished, I was able to assemble them.
The parts were fixed with screws.
This is really cool. I bet you could get colored acrylic for the fronts
You could also dress the inside of the pieces with something reflective (like tin foil - but be careful with insulation!!!) so that the light gets diffused and there are no dots showing :) If you don't want to mess with high voltages, I think using leds would give a nice result too :)
Beautiful!! :D
Nice lamp. Couldn,t you just put indoor christmas lights in the tetrominoes instead?
Well i got thinking of making this..is it possible to make colored glass?
you can buy it, i think in certain craft stores. for the diffused look of the lamp in the pic i recommend frosted glass
ok thanks for the information
pwnage epic win!
that is pimp en

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