Introduction: Rawlings Football Wallet

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I had an old football that wouldn't hold air, so I decided to use it again. I think I can make a few wallets from this football. This is my first project so here goes.

Step 1: Getting Ready!

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You'll need:
An old football
dental floss or waxed thread
leather sewing needles

Step 2: Cutting

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Cut into appoximate wallet shape with scissors

Step 3: Preparing to Sew

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Clamp down sides with large paper clips to hold in place while punching holes for sewing.

Step 4: Piercing the Leather

Use an ice pick to poke holes in the leather, don't worry about the material, you can sew thru that. Trust me, worry about piercing the leather and you will be fine. Pierce the outside edges on the bottom and the side leaving the top intact.

Step 5: Sewing

Time to sew. I pulled about 20 feet of dental floss when doubled gave me 10 feet of thread to sew with. Start at the bottom near the center and work your way across and then when you reach a corner, make some double stitches. I am not an expert so no help on any elaborate stitch patterns. When I reached the top, I made a few extra stitches just to hold and then I cut the floss.

Step 6: Finish Up!

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Finish your stitching and enjoy knowing you used something that was about to hit the trash pile.


giike3 (author)2012-07-11

It looks like it belongs to a hobo

John Smith (author)2007-04-30

I really like the idea, and actually think that i'll make one. One thing I'd like to see is more pictures, and for you to be more thorough. Also, could you add a picture of to other side of the wallet?

russdawg (author)John Smith2007-05-02

I didn't want to waste too much space with my pics I guess. I didn't really give as much info as I should. Sorry about that, but I kind of made it up as I went. It was not that hard though and I stink at crafts. The inside of the football has a material already sewn in, so that made it easier. There should be two pics, one of the outsid and one of the inside in the instructable. Thanks for the response!

ich bin ein pyro (author)2007-04-30

congratz this is the 4000th instructable

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