Picture of Ray-Ban Repair with Sugru
I'm going to be perfectly honest here. I enjoy me some Ray-Bans. The tacky 70's pornstar* gold-rimmed aviators. They fit my face nicely, they look reasonable in most situations, and they're polarized. And cheap.

Cheap? Ray-Bans? They retail for, like, a lot of money. More than is acceptable for a commonly-misplaced cranial accessory. If I had real ones, they'd be worth more than the rest of my clothing and my shoes... combined. Ray-Bans are normally not cheap. But mine are.

They're fakes from DealExtreme in Hong Kong. Nice fakes, though. The polarized lenses are lovely, but the nose-pieces are a bit on the weak side. I got a good year or so of use out of these $10 glasses, but the nose-piece on the right finally gave up the ghost while I was painting a house. Over some gravel. (No rescuing and re-wiring for me; I couldn't find the missing piece.)

I had almost given up and ordered a new pair when I started working for Instructables. Which provided easy access to a ton of Sugru. Which means... I finally get to fix the glasses! Flexible nose-piece replacements! The comfiest pair of knock-offs in the world**. Keep on clicking for the remarkably easy instructions for fixing your glasses, knock-offs or otherwise.

*My father's description of the glasses, not mine.
**Further scientific research may be needed to substantiate this claim.
thoraxe4 years ago
I'm disappointed :( I thought this was an instructable to fix scratched mirror lenses.
wilgubeast (author)  thoraxe4 years ago
Sorry. My solution to scratched mirrored lenses: stop buying mirrored lenses. I was a mirrored lens guy for a little while, but they're just too fragile. They're not like the chrome on a vehicle that you can just rub with aluminum foil; your best bet is to replace them and then take REALLY good care of the new ones.
sunshiine4 years ago
Nice! I like it because it does not look like a fix job! Thanks for sharing.
I don't know a thing about sugru. Can it be used to repair this plastic? I think it's bakelite.
wilgubeast (author)  cloudifornia4 years ago
It could, but you'd probably be better off using some superglue or epoxy.
splazem4 years ago
Sweet! Looks awesome.
mikeasaurus4 years ago
nice sugru application.
Also, sweet shades. I approve.