Picture of Ray Gun
Hello, this is my first instructable and Im only 12 so be easy on the comments. Mainly this give you a turorlal of not how to make my ray gun but the basic steps on how to make your very own and at a reasonable price around $15.

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Step 1: Going to the hardware store

Picture of going to the hardware store
If you do not have a good idea yet to make your gun (or any thing you want to make) a good place is to just walk around the store and find things you think will look good in your design. When I had this idea I knew the best thing to do was go the the pvc section of Lowe's and start putting different parts together until you have what you want. I got all of my body of my gun there for around $5.

Step 2: Paint

Picture of paint
For my gun I used black and metallic silver spray paint whitch costs about $8 for both of the cans. When i got to painting the gun I wanted a battle worn kinda looking gun so i mixed the black and silver until I got what I wanted and I think it turned out pretty good.

Step 3: Finding other parts

Picture of finding other parts
After I painted my gun I thought it needed more, so I went to a weird kinda store called ax-man surplus ,you can find any think there so I picked up some internal computer parts to make it look more like I wanted it to. It only costs $3 for all of the stuff on the outside of the gun.

Step 4: This is your time to be creative

After you bought your parts to ad-on you can just put them in any pattern or shape to get what you want.

Step 5: Other ideas

If you really like how your artwork turned out a good idea is to make a stand for it.

Step 6: Your DONE!

Picture of Your DONE!
Now you are done and have your very own movie prop or art work that you made yourself and can enjoy.

P.S. the possabliliys are endless! and any constrictive on this instructable is welcome.