Ray Guns


Introduction: Ray Guns

These are a couple of rayguns I made from miscellaneous wood bits I had. Glued them all together and painted. The third picture is with just the base coat, and gives an idea of size.



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    this is super sweet! we actually made a video on how to make rayguns from lampshade parts! i like your take on it - let us know what you think of our two attempts:

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    love tat. nice. also, PEW PEW!

    looks like han solo's blaster in star wars good job dog

    hercules laser??? sounds strong...

    I was actually thinking of wiring an IR led into and using it as some kind of remote control. Maybe even a TV- B-Gone.

    YOu might have to build the guns bigger in order to not make it look akward. But it would be a good christmas prank. Give them to every kid in the family. The people turning off the tv wouldn't even know they were doing it.

    Number One, definitely. Dug the ray gun special effects. Yay!

    imagine it really shoots beams out and stuff lol