Step 2: Design

So I'm not really sure how to go through the steps on this. I wanted to make this as simply as I could, using tools I both had around and could use in my apartment, which meant no welding or power tools larger than a dremel.
I don't have pics of the actual building, because I wasn't thinking about Instructables at the time, I just wanted to build a raygun.

So heres they basic features desirable in a raygun:
Handle - for holding
Body - where the "ray" is produced
Barrel - where the "ray" travels
Trigger - where you inspire the "ray" to begin it's travel

Embellishments that I enjoy:
Grip - to make the handle nicer feeling
Liquid - for cooling the immense heat created by the travelling "ray"
Focusing Dish - placed at end of barrel for extra "ray" focusing
Who'd have thought weapon would make good fighting tools? <br>Nice work though and thanks for the tip about candle sticks I'll keep that in mind.
is it a gun or a bong
When I was young, I made a raygun out of Mother's turkey baster and a T joint from a watering system. I put the oversize eyedropper part in the straight part of the T joint, and used the downward part of the T joint as a handle.
what's a glass pirate?
they're pirates...that steal glass...and fly
pirates that fly? maybe their ships can fly... maybe their ships are made of glass! then wouldn't it be easier to throw rocks at them?
What's the fun in that?
well, you can throw rocks at their ships, watch them crash, then shoot them with a raygun. concidering if they're not dead from the crash. either way its alot of fun. and its too easy to just shoot them outta the sky anyway.
yaaaay dead pirates
OR you could just hire some ninjas to kill the pirates... That'd be easier than anything else in the world you know... As long as you can find some ninjas and give them a ray gun
Ninjas will do nothing! Everyone knows that Chuck Norris is a glass pirate too! And the guy from road hose!
Maybe, but I don't think ninjas will wield guns. It might be against their code.
&nbsp;<a id="fck_paste_padding" rel="nofollow">The only problem I have with this is that steampunk implies that it runs off steam, and only steam. &nbsp;There isn't anything that gives the illusion of this running off steam (vents, tubes, water, heat source) &nbsp;Other than that I find it aesthetically pleasing and this is a great instructable, but it doesn't truly represent steampunk.</a>
you want battle damage? throw it on the ground a few times... hard<br />
&nbsp;Broken, broken, broken, hairdryer [/Doctor Who reference]<br /> <br /> Sorry couldn't resist. &nbsp;Love the ray gun. :)<br />
Green tea is somewhat a rare and valuable commodity in my sector, since our trade with Asia is strained as of late. Would implementing something as simple as water infused with *colored (chemical) dyes (and of course, pH correcting chemicals) work just as effectively? Glass pirates have been pretty wiley in my area as well...(i.e.--*food coloring)
Interesting... nice, but you might want to add bits of random junk like screws and springs and such... LOL great instructable!
Some adjustment nobs, too?
&quot;stabalazing&quot;? *smirk* give those glass pirates hell mi'lad! i join CapnTac in applauding your wrist printing. good show dear boy!<br/>
I know that JB Weld does all of that and is sandable... may not be what you were thinking of, but it works extremely well.
if you soak your leather it's a lot easier to handle...and it will shrink a bit when it hardens, securing the hold on the handle...a little epoxy never hurts too. :D good structible btw.
is that body made from a bong??
You have a great sense of humour: 'Trigger: where you inspire the ray to begin its travel'. Classic.
Lol, nice "love" tatoo. Nice instructable, though.
love is god.
what the hell does this do ???
the tea, when forcibly confined and permeated by a silicon enhanced copper and brass alloy, acts as a phonetic ray inductor actually collecting the vibratory frequencies of oral air manipulations and focusing them into stream of highly concentrated aural particles. This particle stream can be stored for short period and released as a soundless, high heat burst, or what I have termed a "Ray" (named after my grandfather Raymond L. Gunnerson).
Heeee heeee! I love it! I appreciate the DIY too. Well done!! I'm eyeing my Dremel kit now....I see a hand pump-charged vorp blaster in my future. Thanks!
in a term i could understand(i have no clue whats yoursaying) does ist shoot something you can feel?? of can you see it or hear it ?? '<em><strong></strong></em><br/>
I think you'd enjoy it more if you read a lot of 1800s literature like Jules Verne, HG Wells, and their less-able imitators. Star Trek wasn't the first to make up technobabble. I for one LOVE the Gunnerson explanation! Jolly good!
think about it, its made of stuff like vases and candles glued together. it doesnt do anything, it just looks nifty.
oo ok ! thats sweet! yeah it looks kool this is the cheap versoin of the raygun! I searched on the internet and the real one is pimping but it $621 !!
Shoots down glass pirates, of course. Didn't you read the intro? And it just looks cool...
I'll make sure to stop by good will and get some candle sticks and oil lamps for this ;)
very soon, possibly today, I will be making a small (very small) raygun. I will post a picture as soon as I can
this would be crazy-awesome if it had blinky lights. or, a cylindrical lightning thingy. (like those lightning disc lamps sold at sprawl-mart, but cylindrical.)
I'm actually working on one with a kind of jacob's ladder in it. It's been giving me trouble and if I ever work it out I'll put it up.
i think i'm going to build one. if i do, (pending parental consent) i'll use my &quot;<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.cyi.net/product.cfm?movieit=143&code=newmovies/partybar3&nameit=Party%20Bar&cat=a&catname=Lighting">party bar</a>&quot; as the barrel. the company that makes it has all sorts of stuff that just begs to be put in something like this.<br/>
Also, on that site did anyone else see their FridgiGears? You could paint those metallic and totally have awesome steampunk icebox magnets! Oh yeah...
that would looks pretty cool. it would fit perfectly for a ray gun. i looked at their products, and your right, they do have a lot that would work well for one.
So Very Awesome. It really hase inspired me to try and make my own! Thanks AintMichael for the great instructable, and thank you for the inspiration!
Hey thanks a lot. would love to see what you come up with. Have fun!
I really wish I had a girlfriend who could appreciate a self-created steampunk lasergun replica. Wait, maybe not.
no... it really is cool. plus i have plenty of other interests that she calls me a dork for :)
Nice work!<br/><br/>I'm a little afraid to use glass in <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/55587536@N00/sets/72157600305623580/">my rayguns</a>, since they tend to get handled and dropped a lot. <br/><br/>I'm inspired by your work though, so I will need to give the material another try.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.kastanpottery.com">Tom Kastan</a><br/>
Awesome rayguns! Both you and aintMichael have inspired me to make my own steampunk rayguns/stuff. Lord
Great! Always glad to hear that something I've done inspires someone.
I like the glass, i like the idea of a "fragile weapon". most of the glass parts are relatively thick though, so i don't worry too much. Love your rayguns! My last couple of ideas for guns are probably going to require more fabrication on my part, and consider me inspired by your's. Thanks

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