Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
So I'm not really sure how to go through the steps on this. I wanted to make this as simply as I could, using tools I both had around and could use in my apartment, which meant no welding or power tools larger than a dremel.
I don't have pics of the actual building, because I wasn't thinking about Instructables at the time, I just wanted to build a raygun.

So heres they basic features desirable in a raygun:
Handle - for holding
Body - where the "ray" is produced
Barrel - where the "ray" travels
Trigger - where you inspire the "ray" to begin it's travel

Embellishments that I enjoy:
Grip - to make the handle nicer feeling
Liquid - for cooling the immense heat created by the travelling "ray"
Focusing Dish - placed at end of barrel for extra "ray" focusing