Picture of Razor Scooter Underglow Double Mod (UPDATED)!
A few months ago, I dug up my Razor scooter out of the garage. I took it all apart, cleaned and lubed it, than put it back together. It looked nice and shiny, but I wanted something more. Then I saw the Let it Glow contest and had an idea. I had wanted to try a project with Electroluminescent (EL) Wire for a while at that point and now I had a use.
However, I found myself wanting something more, so I put SuperBright LEDs in the front and back of the deck to light up in front of and behind me. The final product turned out better than I had imagined!

Step 1: Materials 1

Picture of Materials 1
Since this is a double modification, I will put a list of parts and tools for each separately...


- 3-4 ft. Standard size EL wire in the color of your choice*
- EL wire inverter/driver**
- Hot glue for attaching EL wire
- Velcro for attaching driver to scooter
- Hot glue gun
- Electric drill with assorted bit sizes (not shown)
- Soldering iron (not shown)

*I bought my EL wire from CoolNeon. I got their "High Bright Long Life" in 2.5mm diameter in blue. It lights up the ground quite well and is very eye-catching.
**My driver is the "1 AA Driver." I powers up to 5 feet of EL wire; the Razor happens to use exactly 3 feet of wire. I bought 4 feet for good measure. All of CoolNeon's drivers come with Plug and Play connectors (male and female), copper tape, heat shrink tubing, and instructions for soldering.
that is really cool I might use that on my mx650
MUKHRFF5 years ago
Mehheh776 years ago
Excellent! planning on doing the same to my electric scooter, but attempting to use a 3.7 volt cell battery to power the LEDs
 if you use 6 2volt LEDs, you would need 1 15ohm resistor in line. 6 LEDs in parallel..... ledcalc.com/....use this site
dollardude6 years ago
100/100 GReat job Too bad i dont have time to make it
BrianP596 years ago
Cool Dude :-D
dude that is so cool! i totally wish i had a scooter now.
Radioactive_Legos (author)  irish death17 years ago
$25 at target, I got mine when they were 100!! Thanks for the comment!
Yeah same here, Im going to have to try this out soon.
Yeah Same, I can't remember if I still actually have mine though lol its probably in the garage somewhere...
Thought about taking this to a big scale. Using bigger diameter ER and more LEDs do this to my 4-wheeler.
The N3rD7 years ago
Good work! looks better than I expected!
jet_ski7 years ago
I like it :) the leds are a good idea... :) I have a 16" scooter and I'm thinking about doing a bigger version of this for that.
mspark4007 years ago
nice. Very Well done. favorited plus a good rating, cheers, mspark400