Picture of Razr M Docking Station
In helping my son stay organized, I decided he needed a docking station for his new mobile phone.  However, they didn't make one yet for his Motorola Razr M,  so I slapped this one together out of some wood scraps and shellacked it. 

The only part I was worried about was securing the USB cable firmly enough in the base to allow the repeated docking and undocking.  This turned out not to be much of a problem.  I had cut the groove for the connector in the base slightly too large, so I shimmed it with Starbucks coffee stirrers and a little Elmers, and it's very solid. 

Much cheaper than the 30 bucks I probably would have spent buying one, and - monogrammed. 
I like the contrast between the wood stand and the phone! do you have a pic of the monogram?
Biker2929 (author)  amandaghassaei1 year ago

The monogram is the "C" embossed on the lower left of the lower front panel.