Rb-79k Ball Airbrushed and Modified


Introduction: Rb-79k Ball Airbrushed and Modified

About: Well I'm the kinda guy that doesnt bother with About Me's but if I must: -I do alot of model building and airbrushing -I try to make/do anything i think is cool -I'm currently in Grade 9

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    hey could you give me some specs ia mintrequed on this

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    i do not understand your question.. re-ask?

    sorry my cat but i would like blue prints of this

    ohhh.... let me explain this clearly... this is a model, that comes in a box.you with me? okay... so you buy this box... and then you build it... okay? and after you build it.. you can modify it..or paint it... the blueprints/instructions are in this box...

    ok where you buy it

    Where do you live?? Check hobby and craft stores around the place.... They can usually be found at chinese malls... But beware Of fakes... Anything that is not "Bandai" or "wave" is fake.. But fakes are usually cheaper and make goood practice.

    i live in the midst of florida it is not very modern

    these models are very old... maybe like 1990's to 2000's check your nearest chinese malls

    whats a chinse mall i live in the country

    no i used a plain old digital camera with a stand and a light box.

    No I mean the ball's body.

    modify a webcam for what? i dontunderstand

    hey these are like paint it your self models right i don't think basilisks understands that

    yeah.. sorry about the late response.. i havent been on for a long time... i just finished a model today and hopefully will be posting tommorrow its a B-ATM-03 fatty ground custom ( from the anime scopedog check it out :)