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Introduction: Rc Drone

red dragon
i made it from my owen design with ideas from experament airlines.
it is fast flying twinboom pusher style with alirons and elevator .
it runs on a single 850mah 2cell lipo and a turnigy 2730-3000 brushless out runner for a flight time of 10 minutes .
i have a hobbyking wing camera on the front for vidio and weight.

2 or more sheets of depron foam
1x colourd packing tape
1x 1.2m x 6.00mm carbon tube
2x 9g servos
1x 4ch transmiter/ reciver
power plant of your own choice



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plz send the instructions to build to bijo4u95@gmail.com

Very interesting! Definitely looks like it would be a great CHEAP way to get into flying!! Super cheap to build, hard to break, especially with the pusher motor out of the way:). I bought a few rc mags and they had a replica of the first ww1 pusher you could build and it got me thinking about it! Will look forward to your next video.

I like it! Does it use brush less or DC motors?

small brushless motor. have a look at my step by step build.

i know you can get gopro cases that hold two cameras so you can get a 3d view

The video would then be spliced together with editing software.

You could actually hook up two cameras on the plane, and give it twice as much distance of site. The average UAV has what is equal to over one thousand iPhone lenses. So on a smaller scale, it would be the same principal but regardless, very nice work :)

Can you please give a step by step for this? It's an awesome plane that I'd love to build. When I first saw this I was thinking it'd be fun to make but I can't so can you just make a step by step with it?