This is my first istructible so please be kind i did this late at night and figuring it out as i go along.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1-2  rolls of duct/duck tape
1 rc reciever
1 rc servo
1 rc speed controller and motor  (or make it autonomous with an aurduino)
1 computer fan about 120mm and fan grill to match
a bunch of popsicle sticks
rc transmitter
and other misc items and tools
nice u should put the propler in the water
If I did, it wouldnt be a Swamp Boat, but a boat.
Where did you get engine and rc parts
I got the Motot, Speed Control, Battery, Servo, and Radio from an old RC truck I had lying around. The blade was just a 12v Computer fan (Have lots of them lying around). The Duct Tape, and Popsicle sticks I bought tho.
ok thats pretty sick
It's on the first step. The link and I embeded it. I'll make a new on once i get a new battery.
How much would this cost?
Depends I had all this already the only thing i needed was some more duct tape but ill add a price list soon of what it might cost
I havent been able to get an exact price estimate. But i think (if u had nothing) it would cost around (for my setup) 500-600$ depending on quality of parts. the radio was at least 300-350$ then you need, the speed control(40$) motor(40$) fan(free or 5$) tape(10$) popsicle sticks(5$) battery(30-50$) glue gun(25$) servo(13$) reciever(25$) misc. items(50$). And thats saying u had absolutly nothing. like no drill or gluegun or anything.
One heck of a fine effort! Some time ago, I spent about 4 years tinkering away at Dumas' &quot;Lil Swamp Buggy&quot;......and only got it about 45% finished! <br> <br>Good show here!!
What if you did thrust vectoring with a servo? You could mount the motor on top of the servo, then connect it all to a receiver, and control throttle and direction from an rc transmitter? That would give you fully proportional throttle control as well as 3 direction control remotely.
what do you mean
What I mean is:<br><br>get a servo with a large disk arm and literally glue the computer fan to the arm. You would be controlling steering by turning the motor, not the air, this would make your steering more precise and efficient.
you do that and tell me how well it works
It works really well, also try using a brushless motor because that is what I did for one i made out of foam core and hot glue and it goes fast, but the only thing wrong is that you can do donuts really fast and that has caused mine to flip twice.
i would have but i wanted to make this with things around the house and the only thing i needed was more hot glue. plus a brushless motor and speedcontrol would be too pricy for me to put in a boat that could sink very easily<br>
that's cool, but the only reason i did that was because i took the parts from a plane i crashed.
if it works well ill do an update to it and im designing a nozzle of some sort to move the air more efficiently
i did that
That is a smart idea!
actually im starting a new instructible its gonna be thrust vectoring arduino and i cant remember the term<br><br><br>but check it out when its done
Lol thats not a fan.. -.- It is just another normal brushed motor. -.-
Do a video!!! good job!!!
i will i havent been able to test it im goin to put a video soon
O ok Cool boat!!
thanks the video will take a little i dont have any where to test it
Oh well I will be waiting!!
i put a link to the video up
ill get a new video up soon with it running better
Ok cool!!
That is quite cool,however, will the duct tape hull work? sounds a bit risky to me
it worked fine when i tried it in a foot of water for about 30 minutes if you watch mythbusters they showed that duct tape is pretty much water proof if applied befor it gets wet
over the summer I built a rc duct tape boat and It would be easier to email you a picture than posting it on the website<br>
ok myaccounts2396@live.com
<br>hey whats your e-mail address
is that a rc plane remote <br>
yes it is
What would be really cool is a rudder of some sorts, in or out of the water, to steer with! Only need one more servo.
what do you mean there is a rudder to steer with
My bad. I see the rudder to steer with now. Pays to pay a little more attention. If I could figure out how to vote I would vote for this one. Cool project!
thats ok and thanks
I have been wanting to make one of these forever! <br>Thank you so much<br><br>Oh, Could you take a clearer picture of the servos and rods though, it's hard to see?<br>Also, what kind of speed controller do you have and what about the transmitter?
i just put up the new pics
this is soo coool! :D
Good work!<br><br>Nice, that terrific propeller! How many HP?
thanks and im not sure

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